This Week's MinnowFund Delegatee is... !?

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We Have a Winner!

After receiving over 115 votes from the @minnowfund community, we have a clear winner for our delegation. Congratulations to @mdshahin786 who will be receiving 100 SP delegation from MinnowFund for a period of 45 days! @mdshahin786, you've proven to the community that you have clear goals and are willing to put in the effort to build long-term here on Steemit. We commend your hard work and look forward to watching your future success.

Applications for the next round will open tomorrow. Follow us so that you don't miss the announcement which will be up soon!


We Would Love Your Support

This initiative is 100% funded via @brandonfrye, his promotion service, and its generous delegators. A portion of all bids sent in to the @brandonfrye upvote service are paid out directly to the @minnowfund account, which is then powered up into Steem Power to be delegated out to minnows. This is all made possible by those who delegate to (and bid on) our upvote service. So a BIG Thank You to everyone who's helping to make this opportunity possible!

If you'd like to support the @minnowfund, please consider delegating to @brandonfrye. Investors earn 85% of all bids that come into the bot and are paid out in daily SBD and Steem payouts. You can also support us by upvoting and resteeming this post. We appreciate all the support we can get!

Learn More and Delegate to the Bot Here


I would like to thanks @minnowfund. For choosing me as a winner.

Hi @mdshahin786, congratulations!! But it wasn't us, the entire community rallied behind you. Keep up the great work as it's already paying off! :)

Congratulations! @mdshahin786 keep doing the good things you are doing for the community. Wish you best of luck. :)

I would also like to thanks those who voted me. And help me to win. Thanks a lot again guys! hope for your better steemit journey.

Congratulations @mdshahin786

Really happy the most deserving person got the delegation.

Your hard work pays off!

Really happy for you. Wish you all the best.

Congratulations @mdshahin786
Winning with so many great contestants is a real feat.
Best wishes.