I will document my progres as of now until Dec 2018

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Hello friends!!!

Well since I started on this journey I wanted to share with you and document every progress once a month, so today January 8 is my first day of this journey.

I invite you to join me and we'll look back in 11 months, I you like to follow me and I will follow your progress as well.

We will have to look a our data that we gather so we can see how far we've come.

-This is my second favorite city in the world SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, GTO Mexico-(just wanted to show you something pretty)

At first I didn't have an idea of how I can posibbly make a difference in this platform,

1.-I already make a difference by commenting and giving my opnion, that counts!!

2.-We all have some kind of talent, so our task is to find out what it is, you may or may not know it but just try to think what you can do, what you can share and bring the community to give you more value and be rewarded,that is the meaning of productivity.

3.-That 's it!!! be yourself!! the rest will come

Think of it like a plant, make sure it gets watered every day and soon it will show you those little buds that turn into beautiful flowers.

I know many of us are going to be financially independent thanks to Steemit, I may not get any comments, that's ok but just think of how far you are willing to get, no time for getting discouraged, the results may show some day but only if you keep at it every day.

This I will use this post as my starting point.

Thanks to @brandonfrye for the GIF

Thanks for reading!!!

Place a comment and I will follow you! :)