I HATE CHORES... BUT I LOVE @DUSTSWEEPER! - How to gain real value from your smallest up-voters!

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Hello Planet Steemit!

While I typically post under #steemsilvergold and stuff my feed full of subject-related posts, I do like to venture out from time to time. A few weeks back, I happened upon a wonderful user, @metzli (go check her out!). She has an excellent mommy-blog (please don't kill me if I've over-simplified her subject matter!); I think I was subconsciously drawn to it because it was very similar to the kinds of things my wife talks about all the time when she thinks I'm listening😉. Don't get me wrong, someone in the household has to mind that stuff and I'm ever-thankful for it!

I love the mommies!

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In any case, somewhere in one of her blogs, she mentioned @dustsweeper and the service it provides. I was immediately interested, since I'd recently made a post (https://steemit.com/steemsilvergold/@nofiat/give-to-get-why-i-ve-increased-my-voting-weight-for-our-myprecious-curation-trail-and-why-you-should-too) about our community's curation trail, and increasing our respective allotted voting power. Without knowing it, I was essentially trying to avoid collecting too much "dust".

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What is dust, you ask?

Here is the short of it: Essentially, because of conversion rates, algorithms, technical details, wizardry, and steemit garble, all those votes on your posts and comments that total about .01$- .02$ STU are generally worthless to the recipient.

My first reaction was to feel bad. Here I was all this time thinking my two cent comment up-votes were worth something for the up-votee. NOPE! My second thought was, Damn, That Really Sucks!

Enter @Dustsweeper!

This is the brainchild of @danielsaori and @davemccoy. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Please do go follow these folks for a more eloquent explanation of the service or look here, but this is my rough understanding of how it works:

They use SBD you send them to "sweep up" all up-votes under the payout threshold for your up-voted posts and comments. They have the secret decoder ring to figure that out.
You can get a refund at any time. They up-vote on day 5 or 6 to avoid price fluctuations after the fact. They will send you up to 3 messages when your balance gets low. It's like an insurance policy against the likelihood of non-payable votes.

I sent 3 SBD earlier today.

With this service, all votes truly matter now! WOOO-HOOO!

This is exactly the kind of thoughtful stuff I look for when I consider my witness votes. If you haven't filled all your witness vote slots (or even if you have, look again, there are many inactive witnesses), please strongly consider voting for @danielsaori.

-in case you're wondering, no, I do not know these guys personally and I have been offered nothing for this endorsement, even though I'm totally bribe-able 😜. I jut appreciate good work and I pride myself in giving credit where credit is due.




Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

This looks good @nofiat i’m gonna’ give ‘er a spin!

Agreed! For upvotes on posts this is not an issue normally (votes accumulate here) but single comments yes! What I never get is how people access the blockchain with extra tools like this. iT people for sure.

I've seen this I've before and wondered how it all worked myself. I may have to try it now.

I have been using @dustsweeper for about two weeks and it is extremely useful to make those small votes on your commentaries (does not work on articles) to be worthy votes you received.

lol on being totally bribe-able :P ... You did a great job on the article and it is a pleasure to meet you @nofiat! I really liked our conversation last evening and I think you have a bright future ahead (hint: shiny) ;)

Thank you for highlighting @dustsweeper and its also great that you let people know about @danielsaori's witness, he really is a good guy!

Thanks Dave! I didn't expect to chat with you as long as I did, but it was quite delightful! Thanks for answering all my questions. It was a nice bonus to find a new fellow stacker! I look forward to seeing you around the #steemsilvergold tag more!

@nofiat Same here.... I enjoyed it too and glad we connected! :)

You did a great job on the post and it's awesome to see you promoting @dustsweeper and that you support my witness.
non-bride-able or not, ;) I gave you my full upvote to show my appreciation. Unfortunately it is not a lot this week as I have delegated almost all my SP. So it was definielty not a bride :)

Thanks very much Daniel! I appreciate good work and I was inspired to make the post and hare the good news! Keep doing all you do man, best wishes!