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Please refund 1 SBD which I sent but forgot to add the title of the article, thank you in advance.

Thank you!

i don't understanding please tell me what i will do?

I bid for vote and after the bid I was suppose to be upvoted with 20 percent votes from your bot which is worth 1.30 dollar. But rather I was rather upvoted with a vote of 0.23 cents which is 5 percent vote. .. this is rather exploitative on your part @onlyprofitbot . Please complete my upvote https://steemit.com/flower/@obest/sparkling-flowers

@onlyprofitbot I sent you 0.63SBD for upvote, you didn't upvote me and a round has gone now. No upvote. Please do something

Post link https://steemit.com/steemstem/@zoneboy/cardiac-arrest-and-you-symptoms-causes-prevention-and-treatment

Hello @onlyprofitbot,
Please refund 1 STEEM which I sent you, about 5 hours ago, for: ...blog/@lazarescu.irinel/today-i-have-found-out-how-many-followers-i-have-dead,
but you did not vote for this post!
Thank you and I'm sorry for the trouble!1 STEEM for @onlyprofitbot.png