Glasnost v0.3 released: now with tags - publish your Steem blog on your own domain

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Glasnost blog will automatically synchronize with your past and future Steem posts. This release adds tags, labels and tag navigation.

Glasnost alpha v0.3 demo for @ontofractal

Thanks to @vadbars for a first Glasnost repo pull request.

Run Glasnost

Deployment is simple if you use Docker:

docker run -it -p 80:80 -e "GLASNOST_SOURCE_BLOCKCHAIN=..." -e "GLASNOST_BLOG_AUTHOR=..." --restart always ontofractal/glasnost:0.3

Glasnost repo

Glasnost v0.3 on Docker hub

Glasnost configuration settings:

  • GLASNOST_BLOG_AUTHOR: your steem/golos account name

Other settings like PORT, STEEM_URL and GOLOS_URL can be configured in the Dockerfile.

Tech stack

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Mnesia

All data is stored by in-memory Mnesia database that is a part of Erlang/OTP platform.

What's Glasnost? and Glasnost Roadmap

Read more about Glasnost and its roadmap in the introduction post

Development process

Glasnost is a single code base developed simultaneously both for Steem and Golos blockchains. Sustainable Glasnost development is made possible by the committed support of Golos open source ecosystem by @cyberfund. Read more about Golos and cyberfund open source support in this post by @hipster.


If you have any requests or feedback, please get in touch with me: ontofractal at or



Thanks to @vadbars for a first Glasnost repo pull request.
Oh, I went down in history! )

A very simple way to create your own blog on the blockchain is a very important task for the popularization of Golos and Steem. Thanks, @ontofractal!

Wow, there's no news on the Golos yet about this news. )

yeah, Golos announcement needs a bit more information, I'll publish it tomorrow

Wow, I now have a reason to get my personal blog up and running again.

I know, right? I was just thinking about that myself. I love projects that get me thinking about instantly switching platforms.

@inertia, @hilarski That's great to hear! Get in touch if you have any suggestions or need help.

Sweet! I may have to implement this in the near future as my post count is starting to get up there.

Awesome, Great job guys!

Thanks! We are one, btw :D

Haha scuse me :D

This is amazing! I'll keep voting and resteeming you @ontofractal - I love what you are doing here.

Thanks for your support @cryptoctopus!

Ontofractal man i wish i had reached out to you about this earlier. Great work. Ive been trying to support customizable steem front ends for awhile. Especially front ends that want to focus on just a few tags or bundles thereof.

Yeah, that's what I'm building :) Thanks @officialfuzzy.

well damn. please reach out to me. I want to upvote the hell out of you while running this initiative. Please connect with me beyond bitcoin at gmail


Ive paid nearly everything ive earned in the past months toward this end (and others) but am still waiting for it all to come to fruition. Since you are planning to do this, I'd love to work with you to promote the heck out of it. I truly believe it is one of the keys to steemit's overcoming part of the whaleproblem (potential "censorship" by whales).

Cool 😎 great 👍🏿

I want you back @ontofractal. You are the human wizard to my gnome cleric...message me gmail com beyondbitcoin ;]

@officialfuzzy, check your inbox :)

I would not like to “spoil the party” @ontofractal, but Space Shuttle never was intended for the moon. It went just to the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) until the program died. Maybe it would be better to choose something else as a symbol of success.

@lighteye, you are right, space shuttle missions weren't moon missions. However, I wasn't referencing "moon" anywhere in my Glasnost releases and was using space shuttle launches as a symbol to "launch your own blog/community". However, context is important so I'll be looking for a better header imagery.

OK then, my first association was a rise of Steem because of this excellent integration.

Yeah, understandable :)