Glasnost v0.4 released: now with remote configuration and pagination - publish your Steem blog on your own domain

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Remote configuration for Glasnost has landed. The new approach lays the foundation for easy no-restart management of future features like multi-author blogs, tag whitelists/blacklists, advanced filtering and others.


Start by uploading a similar JSON configuration file with your values to pastebin or github gists:

  "blog_author": "ontofractal",
  "source_blockchain": "steem",
  "about_blog_permlink": "ann-introducing-glasnost-alpha-open-source-blog-and-app-server-for-steem-golos-blockchains"

Then point Glasnost to your uploaded raw(!) file using Docker environment variable GLASNOST_CONFIG_URL.

docker run -it -p 80:80 -e "GLASNOST_CONFIG_URL=..."  --restart on-failure:10 ontofractal/glasnost:latest

Attention: you need a (raw)[] file link, not a default one.


  • Remote configuration using a JSON file
  • About me page configuration setting
  • Pagination for index page and tags with 24 posts per page
  • Visual enhancements, thanks to @vadbars for the pull requests
  • Random bugfixes and improvements

Glasnost alpha v0.4 demo for @ontofractal

Glasnost repo

Glasnost v0.4 on Docker hub

Tech stack

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Mnesia

All data is stored by in-memory Mnesia database that is a part of Erlang/OTP platform.

What's Glasnost? and Glasnost Roadmap

Read more about Glasnost and its roadmap in the introduction post

Development process

Glasnost is a single code base developed simultaneously both for Steem and Golos blockchains. Sustainable Glasnost development is made possible by the committed support of Golos open source ecosystem by @cyberfund. Read more about Golos and cyberfund open source support in this post by @hipster.


If you have any requests or feedback, please get in touch with me: ontofractal at or



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