v0.2 release: better mobile devices support and new charts

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I've deployed a second release of my Steempunks web app This release should make experience for mobile users significantly less bad. It's not a straightforward task to get charts right on mobile, so Steempunks will probably stay a bit buggy and hacky for mobile browsers until it's out of beta.

Mobile before and after v0.2

Available Daily Charts

  • NEW: follows per active user
  • NEW: reblogs per active user
  • Volume Weighted Average Price
  • Active Human* Stakeholder
  • Active Authors
  • New Accounts
  • Number of Posts
  • Number of Comments
  • Liquid STEEM/SBD Payouts


This is 0.2 release. If you have any feedback, suggestions or need a feature, get in touch.

  • Significantly more charts, tables and visualizations
  • Realtime dashboards
  • Personal analytics
  • Curation bot and linkback bot controls



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