v0.7 released: key metrics dashboard and other updates

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New Dashboard

Steempunks changelog

  • At a glance dashboard for key metrics
  • Index page UI update, now a little bit less ugly
  • Ratings active metric selection button wasn't highlighted properly. It is now.

Available Tools

  • Historical charts for multiple metrics
  • 24h rolling ratings for posts, comments and authors
  • Key metrics dashboard


This is 0.7 beta release. If you have any feedback, suggestions or need a feature, get in touch.

  • Significantly more charts, tables and visualizations
  • More ratings
  • Realtime dashboards
  • Personal analytics
  • Curation bot and linkback bot controls

My tech stack

  • Postgres 9.6
  • Postgrest
  • React 15.5
  • Rxjs 5
  • create-react-app boilerplate
  • Elixir and Erlang/OTP



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Does this mean that yesterday, there were about 1,100 of us using this platform?

Yeah, about 1,100 of users contributing to the platform. Also most of them were humans. I count only posts, comments, reblogs and follows towards the actions of a "human" user. Too many bot activity to include voters in this metric.

Accounts, not users. There is a quite significant number of people here (especially now that the user base has shrunk and many of those remaining are involved with various initiatives and business, often with their own accounts) who post and comment on multiple accounts on a daily basis. There are also some automated comment bots, a few automated post bots, and a few automated reblogs. Although the effect is certainly much greater with voting, even with posting and commenting, the number of actual people is smaller.

Accounts, not users.

Sure, you're right, accounts is a better term.

"a few automated post bots, "
Which ones are automated posts?

I don't remember which ones exactly but I've seen some games that are posted in the exact same form every day. I would guess those are automated or if not they might as well be. Also some posts like the daily curie are obviously script-generated. Again, maybe not literally autoposted (or maybe) but might as well be. Likewise other statistical tables that go up every day, such as a summary of posts in 'cn', an exchange flows post, etc.

There are a lot of people who have abandoned entire job could be created in figuring out how to prevent further abandonments.

That's true. Minimizing churn is it's own discipline in product and UX development.

There certainly are, however, the number of users was never as large as many of the higher estimates (based on accounts and registrations). A huge number of those were always multiple accounts owned by one person or scam/bulk registrations. Even things like commenters was massively inflated by comment bots at one point. In terms of real, active human users it seems like 2000 might be a reasonable estimate for the peak and something like 1000 now.

yeah, i think you're correct. When I heard on various interviews with the founders, and they used the number 100,000 to describe the user base, I always cringed.....


What a great resource. First time I've noticed it.

Also, i thought I'd mention that I had ontofractal set up a curation bot for me. He's been very professional. I highly recommend him.

Really great work. Resteemed to give it more attention. Thank you for putting this together.

I love the name "steempunks"

what is a difference between active user and active voter?

Active user is an account that has done any of these actions: post, comment, reblog or follow. Voting is not included due to the number of bots. I will be revisiting this metric soon.