Themarkymark & Berniesanders Responsible For Altcoin Collapse?

in #steemitlast year (edited)

You make think this to be an over the top assertion.

But think about this for a while:

  • How many crypto projects have a real working value besides King Bitcoin?

  • Thether maybe?

  • And, and, and, and .... Steem-it

Most of the other coins, even ethereum, look more like scam or ideas and projects that seem to be stuck in the pipelines forever.

Steem with its Steemit Blogsite, however "works" and could have been a serious competitor in the social media market.

As we all know, Steem/it is full of flaws engrained in its basic concept, but that should not have meant the project should fail.

Alas, what can go wrong will go wrong - this principle manifested itself on Steemit.

A bunch of people with too much time and money that saw in it an opportunity - if they are "normal" beings to wield power and bully and destroy the steemit platform, just because they felt bored and found no other reason of being for their lowly life than these disgusting actions.

If these are NOT "normal" beings, but are people running a collection of accounts and payed for by "elite" organisations, that are all to eager to see this platform fail for obvious reasons, this would also not be any surprise at all.

What has the Steem-it debacle to do with the Alt-Coin collapse you will say?

Imagine for a moment that there would not have been people like @berniesanders and @themarkymark on this platform and the steemit witnesses would have acted in a friendly, constructive and benevolent and welcoming and invitng way... Would this platform not have been succesful like the other social media platforms like Reddit and Medium?

If Steem-it would have succeeded, not only would this have been good for Steem itself, it would also been a good thing for the whole cryptosphere.

A succesful Steemit would have proven to the outsiders that crypto is something real and promising.

What we have now on the other hand are Altcoins that drop in value as if they were Bitconnect coins after they turned out to be backed by nothing but scam. And one of the few projects that more or less is working, like Steemit, is being sabotaged from within . So that it is no longer meaningful to go and read or post anything there.

Either nobody reads it anyway, or if that's not enough the cyberbullies @berniesanders and @themarkymark make sure that your post becomes unreadable and threaten others to interact with you.

People or organisations like @themarkymark and @berniesanders have taken down this platform and pulled Steem under 2500 Satoshi. That is for sure. But they also destroyed one of the very few real working crypto-projects.

And in doing so, they not only damaged the image of Steem, but of the whole Alt-coin and crypto sphere.

These guys must be feeling awesome of course, as money is not an issue here and the only reason for their behaviour is:

  • work for Soros and co
  • or enjoy power play and abuse like creatures like Soros.