Do it. Express yourself. ;)

I'm in a similar situation i like to deal with computers not people, computers like whatever input they get lol. People are complicated, it freaks me out, but in a good way ;) btw i used to have that same modem, it was so fast at the time. Now i have 100mbit fiber and i feel it's laggy.

I've also been using the internet since before http:// was invented. Email, FTP, NNTP (news/forums) and Telnet.

Then one day someone said to me "You should check out this new thing called web pages. They really are kind of cool." and my life changed forever.

We are revealing our age here. Yes telnet and rlogin was in the daily routine. Never used NNTP.

And don't forget the finger protocol, which we used from the command-line to determine the status of a username! And there was gopher, which stored pages in a set of hierarchical menus, and the gopher pages were indexed by a very primitive search engine called archie.

When we web arrived, it unified all of these things.