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Great Minds,

I was missing in action for the past five days but now I am back. You may want to know why I was no where to he found these past days. Those that follow my blogs can tell that I am a regular blogger here with almost a post per day. For some reasons I have not posted these few days. It is not for relaxation or leave as some may presume, off course I don't play with my rest time and as such it is planned into every of my program. This period of absence was not also due to my office work, though sometimes my office work do pull me back and off other activities including Steemit but not this time around.


Though there are no cogent reasons to be away from this beautiful platform and missing the voice and touch of my teaming steemians who follow me and share their awesome contents. But somehow, little things if not well handled can set you off balance.

I was actually away as a result of downward price of steem and SBD and low upvotes. It was discouraging spending time to write but seeing little or no upvotes coupled with now the very low price of the little you have. Well I was looking at the monetary gain and got carried away to stop writing.

While I was away I felt some emptiness and I realised I was missing a lot for not posting on Steemit. I remembered my teaming followers and the lovely friends I met on this great platform. Not to talk of the talented and information rich posts I read here. Then I know I must come back and steem and continue steeming. Yes oh, it is more than money, it is more than the gain, talk and think of the relationship and the people you impact positively. How much people that learn from you. Indeed I have to come back and post and navigate the steemit.com.

Live sweet and relate well

Thank you for reading

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Yes,Steeming here is much more than the money. It's good to have you back fully bro!


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