2019 Steem Round!

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Well this has diffently been a journey that I will remember forever. We will go live with pre-sales tomorrow Saturday the 14th at 9pm CST. Roughly 24 hours from now.

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I Need to go over a couple things before we go live. 1st thing is we will Be Accepting Crypto's as a form of payment. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept steem but will offer BTC, ETH, LTC and Bitcoin Cash as forms of payments. Of course Paypal will also be availvale. 2nd thing is COA availability. Which I will attach a video kinda navigating you through the site. But lets walk through the COA process.


From the home screen click on shop and it will bring up the 2019 round and the 2019 COA. at this point you will want to click on COA and it will bring this up ⤵️


Now make sure you read the paragraph and then click on the link for the availability of the COA.


From this screen you will be able to scroll through the list and see what Numbers are still Available. At this point you will add as many COA's To your cart as coins you are wanting. The only way to request a number is by buying a COA. Then you will go to check out. Which will look like this⤵️


At the checkout screen scroll down to the bottom left hand corner of the page. This is where you will enter your steemit name and the COA's That you are requesting.


Once you do that you are ready to check out. Then you will select either PayPal or Cryptocurrency and finsh your check out. Here is a short video to walk you through it.

Thanks for everyones support and patience.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me in doscord or by email at [email protected]

Have a great weekend!



Just to verify @raybrockman if you have proof of a COA 1 to 100 you don't have to buy a COA just list the number at check out, right? If getting #1 and #760 you would list both and purchase 1 COA, correct? Thanks for clarification brother!!

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Numbers 1-100 are no charge for the COA. 101-1500 you must buy a COA to guarantee the same number.

You may want to review the website because it still states there is no fee for 1-100

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My oversight, you are correct dwings. Thanks

It's all good brother I just wanted to make sure that everyone that was pre-ordering was doing it correctly. That way it is easier when the round goes into production. Appreciate it!

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This is on the website "If you purchased and currently hold the 2018 Steem round numbered between 1-100, there is no fee, but please be sure to enter this number at the checkout page below your Steemit username."

"Example: if you currently hold the following rounds and COA (52, 785, 786, 787, and 789) of the 2018 Steem Silver Round but you only want 52, 785, and 786 rounds and COA’s of the 2019 Steem round then you will need to enter a quantity of 2 since ’52’ is in the 1-100. When checking out, enter these 3 numbers in the serial number authorized round field."

So my understanding is no fee for #1-100? Can you please confirm Ray, thank you!

This is correct grizzman, thanks for the catch.

Can't buy a STEEM round with STEEM.. 🤔

😮 couldn't get it linked. I will be accepting steem on the platform but not the website.

I'll send Monday

Awesome. I'll be putting in my order tomorrow!

Thanks Ray!!!

Nope.....THANK YOU!!!! MR. Tooth. 😎🍺

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Awesome!! Makes my day reading this post. Thank you for all the time and effort to make the 2019 Steem Rounds happen.

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Hey Ray, Did you ever get my email for COA #0058? I sent another email yesterday incase you didn't get my first one. Just never got any confirmation, thanks.

Got it amd yours are reserved. Thanks

Awesome! Have to try and grab one or two. :)

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Hey Ray my numbers show as reserved which i assume was from you putting my name there, but it won’t let me pay for them. Am I doing something wrong?

I've been waiting for these all year!!!
Can't wait to get my hands on some of these

I just ordered mine and I was within the First 10 coins sold on the site :0) I am so excited to have another Steem Silver Round, I have gotten them every year so far. Thanks for putting this together for us @raybrockman and everyone else! I know this isn't a one man show and I appreciate everyone's hard work and dedication to making another Steem Silver Round happen! #SteemSilverGold rocks!

I placed myself an order for 2 :)

Like that, I've got something for the next Monster Raffle ;)

Ordered 10 coins. Resteem guys to others !