Steemit Category question?

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Hi all maybe this is a stupid comment and maybe I'll get slagged but I really like the Steemit platform so I don't mean any disrespect in anyway. Just curious about how to go about building a steemit gaming community. At first thought I figured just posting with the gaming tag would be a good bet but I'm finding that the gaming category tag is being spammed continuously by drugwars fight messages. It's nearly impossible to find any real articles or reviews about actual video games without scrolling through hundreds of drugwars posts. I could always go to IGN or Gamerant or any other number of sites to find reviewst but I think Steemit could build a really great community of reviewers fan posts and streamers in and of itself but somehow just need to find an easy way to differentiate that content from the rest in terms of searching. Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe there already is such a thing and I am just blind and have missed it along the way? I'd like to more easily find user reviews thoughts on games streaming sessions etc...


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