Shadow Ranks have been Boosted! Take a look at where you stand!

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Shadow Ranks have been boosted! Take a look below to see how everyone stacks up now!

There were 5 total criterias used to determine how much boost each caster received:

1) Voting Power: Maintains Voting Power above 95% average

2) Good Author: Average post receives over 2 times more in organic rewards than from Shadow Rewards

3) Powering Up: Increasing Steem Power over time (Powering Up)

4) Booster: Gives more rewards than receives from ShadowBot

5) Dolphin: Has over 5,000 Steem Power currently

See the entire lineup and boosts here (it was far too large to post here):


Yewww! thanks for the 20% increase SB!

You earned it don't thank me!

  1. Voting Power!
  2. Good Author!
  3. Powering Up!

Keep it up!

how you work i sign up and have idea to use for upvote

You need to include your private and public posting key during signup. Please add here:

Wow! that is awesome. Hoping to get huge upvote soon

  1. Powering Up!
    Total Boost: 20%

Keep up the good work, Our next update is November 15th #Tartarus!!!

Time to party!!!

Oh wow! I believe stumble upon a great tool here. although i don't fully understand how it works yet. Let's see what it does shall we. Thanks for sharing and keep being awesome. Will be following you. :)

Take a look through our FAQ and previous posts and feel free to join and try us out!
Sign Up:

Yes i am currently reading it. Will join since it only ask for posting password. doing it now thanks.

Awesome glad to have you on board! Please let us know all the comments you have for how we can improve the system! We are constantly taking input from the community and expanding our system!

Wow! Nice update, looking forward to more great news about our SB rank! :)

Next big upgrade is coming in about 2-3 weeks! #Tartarus is on schedule for November 15th release!

  1. Good Author!
  2. Powering Up!

Keep up the good work!

this looks extremely shady to me... they say it will take 2% of your voting power every 5h.... it used 25.51% in 22h.... gave dollars in rewards for 30 cents? and it keeps taking all my voting power and giving nothing in return?¿ got my sister to register and both our accounts say we have given X to the pool when in reality we BOTH gave more than it shows and received LESS then it shows... all this in 22h...the first thing the bot did was to use the most powerfull votes on itself. why does it give "Shadow Reward" values on every post of mine? what does it mean? can someone please tell me what am i missing? ... feels alot like a pyramid...
EDIT: also it votes based on rewards? that means that if a whale vote for itself it gets the rewards first and higher %?

EDIT: I guess the shadow rewards is what the bots will give you? as i started getting upvotes from the pool on some of those posts.

After 24 hours joined I see 0.53 SBD contributed and 0.92 in earnings received! You should be earning more than you are giving! To clarify, we use our internal metric "Shadow Rank" to weight posts. As you see over time, your posts get lots of up votes, and you ultimately should earn more than you would without this service! Hope that clears up your confusions!

Thanks for being part of our system and if you have any comments/questions don't hesitate! We need your feedback to continue to expand and grow this system!

Happy steeming!

thanks for the feedback.

Shadow Rewards are the amount of earnings that post received from other members of ShadowBot. Your post:
expires in 33hrs, and has earned 1.294 SBD total reward, but Shadow Reward: 0.744931 SBD (57.57%) that all came from up votes thanks to ShadowBot:

You joined 1 day ago? You have to give it a week as it takes time for the voting to happen.

ok, thank you

Really good job man!! I work hard to bring my friends to the bot, for all of us.
You really did the steemit work better, but I want to up levels in the bot, I really work hard :/ and I'm didn't success. Me and the friend that I was bringing asame level and I came in before them. I will very happy if you can help me. Thenks very much

You did go up 20%:

  1. Voting Power!
    Total Boost: 20%
    Old Shadow Rank: 5
    New Shadow Rank: 6

I see, thenks alot! But you can help me and give me some push, only if you want to help me , I really want to up this bot , it's have alot of potential. Thenks for answer and help

Shadow Rank is a metric used and calculated based on performance. We do not give it out, it is earned.

Ok thenks man :)


This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the first half of Oct 30. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $117.36 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Oct 30 - Part I. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

My private posting key change and i want to update it . Can you help me ?
PS : My Shadowrank is 16 and i don't want to leave shadowbot

Yes, resignup and I will re-link your old account!

It's done. Can you re-link my account? Thank you

Done! Just take a look and make sure everything is right!

félicitation shadowbot vous été le premier dans la Liste des Top Inviters bravo bravo de @bakabou159704

i can adversite the bot in my blog? @shadowbot

Promoting ShadowBot is perfectly fine! More members is better for everyone!

Caster ID: 254 yay! \o/

Congratulations @shadowbot! You have completed some achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

Award for the number of upvotes

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i joined the shadowbot about a day ago and from what i understand im just suppose to make post and let shadowbot do the rest? i guess it votes for you every 5 hours or every 100 percernt? it says my voting power iv used today is 0 percent i just dont understand how to see what its doing.

Your keys were entered incorrectly during signup. Fixed and should be good now, be sure to login using your Private Posting Key.

Lake Titicaca.....Nicaragua! Aqua! For my bunghole....

I have joined few days ago. may be 1 week. However my steem power is less as I am new. how much voting will I get per week. I post everday and I don't vote myself. I am getting vote worth of .02$ like this. In one week I got 0.32690507 $. How can I improve my condition.

We just boosted everyone's rank, we will also be releasing a great guide to boosting your rank and earning more with ShadowBot as well as some general Steemit information! Take a look:

#1 way is be a good steemit author #2 is powering up!

Yes increasing your steem power is one of the best ways to become a better steemian and we rank that higher as well!