ShadowBot Version (Erebus) [Minor Release]

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As we make strides into the Erebus release, we are tweaking less and getting ready for the next big major release (Expected around November 15, 2017). Just to keep everyone up to date below are all the changes we have rolled out over the last week in our latest Minor Release:


  • ~50% Performance increase for fetching vote and post rewards.
  • ~600% Performance increase for casting votes.
  • Fractional Voting Threshold (FVT) has been raised from 500 SP to 750 SP.
  • Minor website related display glitches fixed.

Current Stats

Total Shadow Casters: 332
Pool Steem Power: 249,308
Total Shadow Rewards: 2,604.25809634 SBD
Past Week Shadow Rewards: 1,348.03817346 SBD

As always if you have any input for us please let us know.

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You are doing a great job guys. If you need any help with testing stuff or something like that I'm offering my help.

Awesome thanks for being part of this! We are working hard on the next big release that will offer a whole range of new features for everyone!

Keep it up everyone, recruit more members so that everyone can earn more money!

Thank you for being with us, we are growing everyday! It is amazing to see!

Shadowbot is my favorite bot.

Thanks for the kind words!

~600% Performance increase for casting votes. Now that's fast then to add the ~50% Performance increase is amazing. Keep up the good work! steemains are lucky to have shadowbot watching out for them!

What was taking hours now takes minutes! We used to see times where over 2 hours would pass before a new member would get picked up by the system. Now that process the longest I have seen was 16 minutes!

thanks for searing.

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Great News. you are doing great job. keep it up.

Is the shadow rank display correctly? Im stuck on 5% and i know this is not true. With - Voting Power Used Today: 10.39% and 2,824 SP (1.11% of Shadow Pool) this must be a glitch. First time i join the shadow bot climb pretty fast in the rank after this i need to remove myself because he drain me to much and i need my voting power, after second join this glitch is happen.

Yes our last update effected some of the internal calculations for Shadow Rank which we are working to fix in the next minor release (this weekend). I have fixed your account to reflect a more accurate Shadow Rank (22) based on your account's stance as well as your previous involvement. Thank you for pointing this out we are working hard to get this back online functioning properly as it is the lifeblood of the entire system in some sense!

Great if add a pause button future this will be awesome. Some times i need to pause it and recharge power.

Also your Voting Power consumed per day is the amount of VP ShadowBot uses for you through voting other posts on your behalf. Your Shadow Rank has no bearing on the Voting Power consumed.

great update
keep up the good work

Awesome, you peeps really rock. It's nice to see a bot doing good for a change rather than self-serving.

congratulation @mykos for good explanation about @shadowbot

I am happy with the way Shadowbot is working these days. Although I just post once in a while, but I have seen an increase in post rewards.

@shadowbot I want to learn something. I have joined 1 week ago. I am a new member so my sp is not much.

I am following rules. I don't upvote myself.

What should I do to grow my rank and how much money will I earn for per post. How much post should I make per week.

Can you please suggest me. what is the best option.

The best thing you can do is make sure your posts are organic, don't focus so much on how many per week you make but how GOOD they are! Also for rewards always set them to 100% Power Up, this will ensure your rewards are always paid out in Steem Power which will help you boost your earnings each week! Earning is based on effort, the better your posts are the more you will earn. Rule of thumb, quality > quantity and consistency matters!

Hi, how is my shadow rank still 5%?

Shadow Rank (which we are going to alter the website's display for in the next release) does not recharge. It is a metric we use to determine the amount of weight and strength your posts receive in up votes from the pool. Our next release should make it more clear. Shadow rank ranges from 1 to 100. You can read more about it in our FAQ: