Sneak Peek at our newest release [Tartarus]! 7 days! Get ready for BIG updates!

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With just 1 week away till our next major release (Tartarus), we are excited to offer a little peek into the latest updates we have been working on! A complete redesign of the entire interface has been completed and final testing is now beginning! Take a look below!

Current Analytics Page:

Full Size Image

Tartarus Analytics Page:

Full Size Image

Current Login Page:

Full Size Image

Tartarus Login Page:

Full Size Image

Thanks again to everyone for being part of this! We will release more details later this week as we roll out the Tartarus Beta!


hi @shadowbot i have join 2 weeks ago but not getting upvote

Up voted your comment to give you some rewards! We are rolling out the new release now and everything should be working smoothly!

hi @shadowbot i have join 2 weeks ago but not getting upvote

Up voted your comment to give you some rewards! We are rolling out the new release now and everything should be working smoothly!

Excellent!!! Superb!!!
Shadowbot working fantastic. I am Really fan of Shadowbot.
Shadowbot gives me a lot of. Which i can't avail by himself.
My reputation near to 48
My SP 31
My Shadow Rank is 10
I am very glad to @shadowbot as a part worker.
thanks @shadowbot

I don't know if it makes any difference, but your clock is off.
For example, 12 hours before expiration, the Latest Post says,

@randyw/lkf-halloween 1.55409 SBD 2.851 SBD 15 hours

So if any more voting is attempted, it would fail. Before the switch to DST, it was 2 hours off.

Not something that NEEDS fixing, though.

Any post that has less than 12 hours before expiration can not be voted on, it would throw an internal error and be skipped over all together. The display (current) is not the new interface and many of these quirks are addressed in the new release. Thanks for the input!

Example: I just got a payout for this post, but Shadowbot shows:

@randyw/seen-on-the-subway 2.31807 SBD 4.692 SBD 3 hours

No problem, though - keep up the good work. It seems to be MUCH more smoothly operational these days.

Yes the clock is slightly off on the interface currently however, posts are not able to be up voted in the last 12 hours, which the backend handles properly. Once a post has 43200 seconds (12 hours) or less remaining before expiration all voting stops on that post.

Niceeeeee........ Looks so much modern and user friendly

That is the goal of this upgrade. Now that we have the system working well we are able to focus on the user aspects more! Hope everyone likes where we are heading with this project it has been a lot of fun so far!

It certainly is! I'm now at rank 10! Yay

Yes, we did another smaller boost to prepare for the upgrade! You can read here:

I read! Cause i'm resteeming them as well! :D Hahaha. Thanks for the boost

We will be opening up to select members this weekend, the new release in beta mode to test everything out before we launch next week! If you would like to be on the list let us know!

You can count me in. :) Let me know wat I should do.

hi @shadowbot my account on ShadowBot and blocked I am wondering if he has a problem

Did you reset your password/keys?

I am part of the family and excited to see the new changes. New outlook looks awesome

Glad to have you on board! Hope everyone enjoys the new update, we have been working hard on both the user friendly aspects, new features, and big upgrades to the backend!

Really cool glad to be part of shadow bot snd to be a shadow caster @shadowbot

Awesome update. I love it.

Super excited for this weekend's beta test! just 7 more days!

yeah i am part of the family to and im excited for these changes iv only been in shadow for about 3 days now but im 100 percent excited for the upcoming updates

Glad to have you on board! Going into the private beta test in 3 days!

Whoa! I really like "Tartarus Analytics Page" its fancy. Can't wait till 15 November :)

It is going to be a whole new ShadowBot in many ways! We kept the guts that we worked hard to produce but gave it a huge facelift and many new features and upgrades!

Sounds remarkable! I wish I joined 2 months ago, but I am happy that I am a part of this lovely community, we support you! :)

like the idea ..this is what i call a true minnow unite project

Thank you! That has been and is our mission since day 1! We work together from minnow to salmons, to dolphins to whales all for the good of the community as a whole!

This is awesome, thank you for all your efforts

Thanks for being part of our project! We will be releasing more details this weekend! Stay tuned!

Nice project.
I like the fact that lately a lot of people is creating many services for the community, even if they only want the rewards from those services, but atleast they are also helping others.
Keep it up!!!

That's looking so nice!

Thanks for your good information.i like this post

Great. One question - how much time is needed to move up in ranks?

That is a great question, it is not about time so much as behavior. The basics are:

  1. make good posts
  2. allow shadowbot to up vote more often than you manually up vote. Those over 95% VP consistently will see their ranks increase as they are contributing more to the pool than those at say 50% VP average
  3. Always make your posts 100% power up for rewards. This is a criteria we take into account as well as purchasing steem power (powering up). Those who continually increase their Steem Power will see their ranks increase higher than those powering down or staying flat

Hope that helps a little, we are going to release an entire guidelines and overview with the new release next week that should help everyone understand everything much better!

wow great information. this comment is also helpful for me. thanks @shadowbot

Good effort. Thanks I am here. Pls count me in in every step

Is there any maintenance going on with the Shadow Bot? My posts are not getting any upvotes since the last two days.

I am confused. Please take a look.

Thank you.

No, our new release will not effect the current system.

I checked and see a few up votes on a few of your posts in the past 20 hours. We will look more into everything but it appears things are working as expected.

I wasn't sure where to post this but I hope you see it! I recently changed my Steem Password, and I believe my private posting key got changed as well and now I am unable to login to my Shadowbot Account is there a way to troubleshoot this? @shadowbot

Hi @shadowbot! I already created my account on shadowbot but I don`t know where should I start. Where should I publish my posts, to shadowbot or to steemit?

As of now you still must use steemit to make posts, however our next release will be opening up some new features we will be announcing this weekend!

I just observed, its voting my posts which are already paid out, can you check please why ?

It would be waste.

I am not sure where you are seeing this, could you provide us with some details?

ShadowBot does not up vote posts with less than 12 hours remaining. I looked through your account and see your latest posts are getting up votes:

You can see here over the last day, 10 up votes on your post ( the latest 4 hours ago (as of posting):

Congratulations @shadowbot!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 4 with 502 upvotes

I don't know why but the bot stop vote my post for days since last week

I'm seeing up votes on your posts from the last few days I will continue to monitor this.

Niceeee.. I love it

Hey @shadowbot, not getting any upvotes from you guys for the last 2 days. Is there some kind of problem going on?

Wow, it looks awesome!
I just want to let you know that I was very happy to see the increase in my ranking! Thanks a lot @shadowbot!!! :-)))

upgrade some tile bring some good future .. just like Sneak Peek at our newest release ...

nice update.

Please tell me @shadowbot Why I can not find my Id in shadow casters?
But when I log in then I can show my Id. What is the reason. Please me.


Please tell me @sam99 why my casters ID like that. Why my power efficiency 0%, everything 0% and my shadow reward is 0%? I dont understand the matter. Help me please.

Shadow Rewards are how much you have earned since you joined ShadowBot from other Caster's up voting your posts. When you first join everyone starts at 0. Efficiency is how well ShadowBot is able to up vote on behalf of your account.

Each account has ~20% VP each day to use for voting posts and comments. Each full power vote consumes 2% of that VP. If ShadowBot were to use 10% VP over the past day then your voting efficiency would be 50% (10% used of the 20% total). You will notice if you do not place any votes yourself that voting efficiency can go above 100%.

In conclusion: The new release will help everyone identify all these things, and there is nothing to be concerned about. After a few days you should start seeing all your metrics going up!

I have a problem with my account, it makes me a self that I registered and each time it refuses me to accede account and every time I reescrit; I do not know where the problem is !!

I see you added your public key but did not include the private key. Simply re-sign up and you should be able to get in. Make sure to put the private and public keys in.

Hey , the bot stop work?? Dont earn from him now...

No delays, everything working, everyone still getting votes!

Hey, I'm level 7. In the bot and level 42 in steemit, with 99.9 present in the bot, but I get only 0.28 cent from the bot one to cople days, but before this week I was get 0.45 cent from the bot every day, what happened?

I wait the update ! When the update will be on the website?

In the process of upgrading everything now. Stand by!

I just found your account and never heard of shadowbot how does it work and what is the fee?

We operate as a pool up voting posts from one another! There is no fees to join!

I just joined. I see there is a Re-Steems section and on the settings a Resteem Threshold to Select the minimum Shadow Rank required for Resteeming posts! but is there a way to turn off Resteeming I do not mind the bot voting for me but I do not want to have anything auto resteemed I only want to resteem things I choose?

Re-Steeming is Off by default for all new members. You have to enable it and set the Threshold for it to begin automatically Re-Steeming posts on your account.

oh ok awesome I will leave it off for now thanks for the info

Yes it is an optional feature we have, we will be expanding as explained above this functionality to automatically re-steem specifically selected people on a list you create in our next release! Glad to have you on board, let us know any questions/comments/ideas you have!

Also do you run @grandpawhale or know how it works I also see that account has only resteemed this pages info and has a nice upvote amount?

ShadowBot is not affiliated with any other bots or accounts. That particular user is a member and up votes posts other members create! I am not sure if there is any plan for them to create a bot or if that member simply is earning curation rewards with steemit.

@shadowbot , by mistaking I give my active key to Register to shadowbot. And It was created my account. Then I log in and getting no reward. Then I delete my account and putted my private posting key. But now I can not log in with my private key. And did not get any reward in 3 days. And did not see any voting efficiency. Would you please check my account. And solve it. I dont know what was fault.

Please re-login our new release has fixed any issues with keys you have.