Problems with Steemit

in #steemit7 years ago

I have been using steemit from 4 months , and I have notice some serious problems that could be the reason why steemit is not getting more exposure .

1. Its been almost 1.5 years now and steemit is still in beta version .

  • Steemit was released in June 2016 and after 17 months from launching steemit is still in beta .

2. Server Down issue .

  • Last month I have seen this issue constantly . Server was down for a long time , I know there are alternative like busy , esteem and bb but lot of user don't know about that .

3. Whales gets more reward .

  • Because of more voting power whale gets into hot and trending post and gets more reward even though there are much better post which are not getting reward .

**4. Problems faced by new user **

  • When new user start posting that don't get any reward . After trying for months new user still don't get enough reward . In result they quit using steemit .
  • Problems that steemit needs to focus on !!

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agreed.. steemit is just for people with money.. those people who are still here without like minnows and redfish are just using this platform to waste time.

yes , agreed