New Account Creation in Steemit

in #steemit4 years ago

Hi Steemit team,

I was trying to invite some of my friends from different backgrounds (food bloggers, wedding photographers, YouTubers etc) to join Steemit so they can benefit from it and they did sign up on the website but it seems they never got the confirmation email to complete the sign up. It seems the sign up page said you could sign up for free with a 1-2 day wait or you could pay to get an account. They chose the free option. It seems like it's been more than a week but they didn't hear anything back about account creation. Anyone knows whats going on?


Since Justin Sun took over Steemit, the free signups have stopped.

I recommend searching for "steem account creation" on Twitter. There are Steemians with ability to create free accounts.

Oh I see. So I tried to search through that and only saw posts from early 2019/2018. Not sure if they are still applicable. Do you know any who can create an account for me?