Updates on STEEMIT

in #steemit8 years ago

Hi everyone!Great news on STEEMIT.NOW we have REPOST BUTTON.

A repost button allows other users to share with your posts. The new repost button gives new opportunities.

Always your Olga


Interesting. What are the main use cases for reposts?

Retweets work well for snippets of content on Twitter, but I'm not sure about longer form content. Interested to see how they are used on Steemit.

I am also interested in it)

Great but now it's even harder to find what I want from my feed... :(

I'd prefer if they kept reblogs seperate and brought back the Feeds button so we can create out own feeds and find what we like...

Yes,nice idea,i think it will be more convenient

If you repost something it appears on your blog?

Yes,but i cant understand could i deleat this post than

Perhaps it's still in development. So far I can only see it in my feed and it takes up a lot of space. It would be better to have a repost bar where you can switch from "all" to "accounts I follow".

Right you are,see what will change

delete the reposted blog or the original post?

The reposted blog

Is this resteem now?