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    You are repetitively posting the same content or recyling contents after a period of time.

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You can do what you like on a system based on 'anarchy' but most of us don't take the piss. You self-vote almost all your VP to an extreme level and others take notice.

You have a decent amount of SP, why not share it some?
I don't run mack-bot, its not me that's flagging you.

That 6603 SP is paid delegation, not even half the investment is recovered so far.. oh well..

I have put a lot of cash into STEEM too, but I don't see it as an excuse to abuse the system. I'm not here to give you shit, but to tell you there's better ways of doing things. You could use that STEEM on others' who would reciprocate their votes back on you if you can write something half decent.

Blocktrades told me that you would be getting a better return from curation if you vote up other people, but you may still not make a profit overall. If you support other people they may do the same for you.

We want people here who help the platform grow. If everyone self-votes then new users will be put off and Steem will be worth 1c.

I've done the math even when @blocktrades was doing half off that it's not likely to ROI even if you do nothing but self-vote.

Personally, a better use of a delegation would be to help build relationships with other content creators via appreciating their work with votes.

I can't count the # of times I visited another users blog because I noticed they had helped my content get noticed.

The spirit of reciprocity is alive on the blockchain. You just have to find the right people.

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