Steemit rebranding? good or bad?

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There was some rumors that steemit is going to change name, logo ,etc..

In my opinion the name should remain the same, there has been already so much marketing effort with the name steemit that it would be counterproductive to use a different name.

I know many of you have asked what steemit really is, what it should be, what is its identity?
I think that with communities coming soon steemit will be very similar to reddit, which is why I think the site needs to go in this direction. Reddit is something people are very familiar with, there are also a lot of cool features that we could take from reddit. ( steemit gold, promotion,etc..)

It's important that steemit has a real identity and to me reddit is the closest to steemit.
A new logo with the steem colors would be great, I really like the white/blue theme of steemit although the interface could use some refinement and improvement. For example it would be nice to have more posts on each page, it would make the user experience smoother or to be able to personnalize communities pages like on reddit.
The interface will probably change a bit with the new 'communities' feature.

What do you think, should be renamed?


First I appreciate the upvote you gave earlier to my stuff, tend to pay it forward so swung by to upvote ya and check out this article and glad I did. I had no clue there was rumors of a rebrand going on. This could be a double edged sword so I hope they think this thoroughly through. I actually did the marketing for PIVX for the last few months and seen what the rebrand from DARKNET to PIVX was like, it did not take off right away and they struggled for a little while to shed the skin so to speak from the old days. STEEMIT to me seems solid as is but I openly respect any choices they make for their own project, I am just here for the ride lol. Thanks again. Followed you

I'd love to see a new logo too. Something like a stylish "s" with maybe a "reminder" of the tree bands form the current logo. Anyway. I think it could be nice but I'm not sure that should be a priority.

Steemit inc. (the website) must rebrand. There needs to be a clear distinction between the independent blockchain and the company that is bulilding one of the frontends to that blockchain. This is absolutely a huge priority in ensure users can make this very important distinction.

The format of my post got messed up for some reason...that's not how I wanted it.

I think that there is no need of rebranding atm. The original Steemit must be known by everyone first.

thanks for visit for my posting.... following....^^

Steemit is better than reddit already, imho. As a name, as well. Still new and still learning, but I like it here. If they changed the name what should it be?

I agree the name of the site shouldn't be changed. It has already been famous.

We have the name steemit. We are building the name steemit... Kepp it!

current logo is not horrible but rebranding would be nice..

Are communities coming soon? That sounds awesome, where can I get more info on it?

I think they are coming this summer so yeah soon.
There is a bit of info on the roadmap page 9

Was roaming through steemit and found your post. And - really? I know it's one month passed, but.... Do we still have threat of renaming? I think things are good as they are:)

It's up to the community I think, but there was some discussion about it because steemit needs its own logo, currently the steemit logo is actually the steem blockchain logo. Steemit will definetely have its own logo at some point , the name I think won't change.

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