Steemit lost the Blockchain Discussion to Twitter

in #steemit4 years ago

While the community here is stil defining what Steemit I all about other than a rewards based social media platform, Twitter is dominating the Blockchain discussion.

I will never get how some of the most ranking posts here are black and white pictures, travel blogs or Steemit posts.

Ok got it, we want to support anybody. But if people like Vitalik Buterin prefer being on Twitter instead of Steemit, we are doing something wrong! At least I feel so...

I admit Twitter is a discussion based texting platform with at least a decade more of experience as well as wider community. Just imagine them adding a coin, why would I be here still?

Still, to me it appears we have more potential on Blockchain topics here. I personally am supporting as much of Blockchain topics as possible.

What do you think? Why are you on Steemit? For blockchain discussions and information or something else?

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Twitter is just so much bigger than steemit, so it makes for him to be on twitter instead of steemit x)

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