Make money improving the Trending

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Currently bidbot market is underused as you can visualise on our stats page.

Since most promotion bots auction their votes, the less demand the higher the profits.

We estimated that curently the paid vote market earns on average 8% profits.

Don't be shy, put it out there.

We see it often, the wisest and most interesting opinions remain quiet.

You know what's good content and your voice is worth being shared, take a step forward, populate the trending.
Thanks to Steemium, its easy and cheaper than free.

The best way to counter bad quality posts is by having more people posting better ones. Forget about flagging for now, It's currently easier to dilute boring, stale posts in a sea of better content.

Chose your rank

Our trending simulator™ (Step 2) allows you to preview the position after promotion based on the budget/investment.

Be honest with the impact your post is worth. Are top 5 posts complete trash? Go ahead and pump your quality post to #1 without much thought.

Is the trending otherwise respectably filled with well written and solid content? Well then you decide the position is reasonable.

And remember, if you are to go top trending, do it responsibly, Steem's reputation is at stake.


steemium rocks

No offense, but I hope the decreased demand is a telling indicator that people don't want these services, as they hurt the many more than help the few. Is 8% and your split really worth it when it's harmful to the economy and Steem's image?

Positioning this for people to spend to fix trending when bid-bots are the root of it is a head scratching proposition. This will be less and less important as people continue to network/build organic relationships with people/communities (and curation groups) that will upvote their content naturally -- where it has true value.

He is actually making a good point. With Demand the bots are not profitable combine that with flags and the bidbots become a tool for promotion and not a tool for scammers.

He is right demand fixes shitty posts on trending as scammers will not pay to promote.

All Whales are Bots.gif

There’s great need to help bots, after all they are whales.

I wished my upvote was worth more.

I think about this... way to much. take my upvote ha.

Any time-tested and almost surefire ways to get into trending with good content without a bidbot or having to chunk out a good bit? Not saying I have anything trending worthy yet, but the future may prove otherwise.

How does one truly get noticed on here without the use of these? Asking for myself, ofc. lol

Manual curation is low, so even worthy posts most of the times don't get noticed.

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this community is infiltrated and here we can no longer speak of decentralized, because this seems already a fiduciary system where the owners and masters of the steem, are bot and trend markers, the effort for good content is worth nothing. They want to help limit those prepaid rewards systems and let the steemers make trends for the merit of their contents.


We have spent 250 SBD on promotion our post one week ago. Out of that, 42 SBD still have the status "pending", but the post has been paid out already. We have not been refunded yet.

Bid bots should be banned to see quality content in trending page

I don't understand why I don not get uovote from smartmarket. Yesterday I sent 1 steem. But I lost my 1 steen. Because I have no get upvote. Please help me