Steem Radio - OUR FIRST LIVE STREAMING TEST!!! Steemit's Music Curation / Original Music Discovery / Daily Music Selection

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Dear friends, we are testing our first live streaming! Please give us your feedback about the streaming quality in your area!

Here’s what we’ve been up to, and here’s how you – yes, you! – can get involved. It’s never too late!

Steemit's Top 5 Most Wanted (Voted) Original Music

Our best creation by far, this project is designed to help our amazing community of musical artists gain more exposure. This post lets you propose the best original music tracks for the Steemit community to vote on. We tally the votes every Saturday and post the results, unveiling our top five pieces of original music for the week before voting begins anew. Voting is still open for this week, so check out the post here!

Steemit’s Most Wanted – Daily Top 3 Music Tracks

@steemradio isn’t just about original music. This community-curated chart is the best way to show what great taste you have! Share your favourite video link in the comments section; your choice just might be voted into today’s Top 3. Let’s fill Steemit with the best music around – share and vote in today’s Daily Top 3 here!

Dance the Night Away - the SteemFest DJ Track List

This is our 20 day journey of creating the best music selection for #steemfest in Amsterdam. We will help @kevinwong, our official SteemFest Party DJ, with our selection of the best dance tracks chosen by Steemians and for Steemians. See today’s post here, and be sure to follow this series over the next days!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - please comment with your favourites for each post! All of us here at Steemit have that ultimate power of self-expression, and that’s what makes this place so special. Follow us, chat with @steemradio on, and help us make this the best self-curated music station with your upvotes and resteems. You have the power to boost this cool project!

@steemradio is growing! We’ll be moving from curating music to live streaming curated music, but we can’t do it without your help!

Please check our website,, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

SteemRadio – Building the sound of The Steem Community!


Operation Steempoke has selected you as our target for today. Right now Steemit users are resteeming and upvoting this post because WE MISS YOU! Come back @steemradio

Tuning in from eastern Canada. Beats silence.

Silence was the alternative to steemradio atm

Can you please tell me what browser are you using? Or maybe try another browser... I could see one connection from Canada on the administration panel...

LOL, there isn't any issue... I am saying previously to tuning in I wasn't listening to anything at all.... And this music is better than the aforementioned nothingness

Well! :) I think you are the listener from Canada!

Sounds great, that great job do really, congratulations, greetings from Venezuela great quality sound

Sounds nice and clear here in Yorktown VA. :-)

COME BACK STEEM RADIO>>> I MISS THE DAILY VIDEO POSTS!!!!!! Oh and steemit has shown amazing activity an you are missing out

Very well Sir.
I am listening to Ayo : Down On My Knees from France.

Perfect sound.
Good luck to your project.

I want to get involved so i can do some livestreams of production.

Any musicians? Follow me and ill follow back.

Kudos to you guys! I think this is a very innovative project, upvoted and followed! :)

Sounds good in Virginia! Yay music!

" I think you are THE listener from E. Canada " LOL! @d3nv3r -- that was funny man, geez Louise. I will be listening from just E. of Toronto if he gets back on! Come back @steemradio ! @d3nv3r sent me!!! I am resteeming this now!!

Followed you, UV and RS this, come back! Come back!!! Come back @steemradio ! @d3nv3r sent me!!! I am East of Toronto so you will have more people from #Canadastan for you - I have guys who run some #HIPHOP shows out of the #CIUT #CIUTfm station near downtown Toronto I know. And another guy I know somewhere else in TO/ same thing. Maybe they could work with you, everyone gets exposure that way. What do you think @d3nv3r ?

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Steem Radio - OUR FIRST LIVE STREAMING TEST!!! Steemit's Music Curation
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