A First Look At Steemsongs

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@Steemsongs launched it's private beta at the start of this year. So far 180 people have access to v1 of the site. To be invited to join in the next batch of invites please sign up here.

What is Steemsongs?

Steemsongs is a hand picked and curated music store on the Steem blockchain. We currently have 47 licesnsed tracks including the #1 album from virtuoso cellist Peter Gregson.

Can I see?

Yes. Sign up to receive access here.

Are you adding music?

Yes. I've been speaking about the project with various companies including one of the biggest independent iTunes aggregators in the world. It would be great for Steemsongs to be a destination for music like Tidal, Spotify, and iTunes.

How can you submit music for Steemsongs

Music by Steemians will be its own category on Steemsongs in the future, and is certainly part of the plan, but for now we are focusing on providing a catalogue of music (and hopefully bringing these artists and fanbases) to Steemit. @Dsound already allows this functionality!

Why is Steemsongs development slow?

We are searching for a developer with knowledge of the Steem blockchain/Steem connect and the getActiveVotes Steem API to help us move forward. Please e-mail me [email protected]

Will we be able to buy music with votes?

This is the plan - for the first 7 days before payout you'll be able to upvote a post and this will go towards your payment of that particular song.

What about after 7 days?

After 7 days the particular linked post will be replaced with a generic weekly @steemsongs update post and any upvotes will credit your Steemsongs account for next time. This is the easiest way without spamming one post for each song repeatedly each week.

Please follow @Steemsongs


I signed up, and sent the link to a musician friend looking to join steemit. Thanks!

Yeah I am not really sure for what MUSE was supposed to be for, but this is awesome!

@Steemsongs : Greetings from #Barcelona! Nice project. I've already included you in my last blog post. Let's link up & gain momentum! Now it's the time! I trust your potential. Can't wait to see it up & running 🔝🔜 👌

We have to get more creative people on board!

yippie, I'm #upvote #100 if Steemit let's me 😃
#resteemed anyway.. 2 or 3 days ago when I found it ➚ UP!

It is a good idea please in promoting steem and also developing the music industry. thanks please

@dave-nudo have a look at this!

I’m looking forward to this getting up and running.

It’s a really good project. I want to participate with my band. I will sign up! Congrats to everyone!

That’s awesome! I plan on signing up

very cool...can't wait to give this a try


"getActiveVotes Steem API "

the steem api hasn't updated (for python at least) and I had to manually change a node for it it work. ( the get_active_votes function especially.)

idk if that's what you are referring to but it is recent

are you on Rocket.chat?

I'm not a pro dev at all, I just found this (https://steemit.com/steemdev/@felixxx/another-method-to-fix-conductor-and-your-other-steem-python-apps) while searching and followed it

Great work bro and great information about steem and thanks alot for information well done keep it up

Subscribed. I'm looking forward to how this develops. Hopefully there's a developer willing to be part of this project soon.

Thanks for putting this work for the music community. It's an amazing first step.
My only concern is that "downloads" will be obsolete 2 years from now.
Source: https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2017/12/06/apple-terminate-music-downloads/

Do you have plans to pivot to a more "streaming" oriented platform?

No plans to pivot to Streaming. I'd like to pivot to investing in artists directly and releasing their records.

100% agreed. I've been studying this idea for a year and half now.

That is so epic. I am glad this project is growing.

This is really cool. I am working with local artists in the Portland Oregon area, trying to find a way to help them make a living creating their art, and building community in the space. I started a podcast here to that end and plan on sharing content here on Steemit. I'd love to help them get some exposure here on Steemit. I have provided a link to our episode with my favorite local band, Wild Ire.


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