Just got my Upvote Slider! Thanks Everyone!

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I started with only $10 and now I have 505.665 STEEM POWER!
I put all steem I have received into Steem Power!

I would like to thank all my fellow steemians for standing by me, following me and of course upvoting my posts.



Yeah man! Good for you I am just waiting for some of my SD to transfer and I can finally be in control of my votes. I have waited for this day for so long... well not really but it feels like forever.

How long does it take to get the bar or how much power do you need?

nice blog , i follow you , please see my blog and if you liked please follow and upvote

Grats! How you made 500 Steem Power in one moth? Any tips please? Im going full steem power and I only have 78 Steem Power :) Whats is your maximum upvote amount?

Its really nice to see you progressing and sharing it with the community. I hope you go very far and achieve more as you continuously help grow this platform. Thanks for letting us know your progress so far.

Upvoted & Followed

Why did you stop writing?