I Powered Up Today Because I Believe In Steemit!

in #steemit6 years ago


Just give it some time
And everything will be fine!

We are going to the moon!
And I'll be a Super Steemian soon!

I just need to do this about a million more times.
I hope I can make it with comics and rhymes!

Isn't Steemit the best place ever!?


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Sure is!

That's why you are holding the #1 RED sign on the TOP right corner of your screengrab!



Wow! Is that what that means? I am the best! :)

What's your power level, Super Steemisaiyan?

I think I'm around 150,000,000. Super Steemian 1. I have much training to do.

To the hyperbolic time chamber!


sweating uncontrollably
body shivering


I love it here :)

We love you, loving it here!

Everyone loves to love! We all win!!!

That is true :)

You better believe it is!

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Steemit believes in you.