Steemvoter Rescue: Steem will Rise Again! Today We Stand United! "300 STEEM"!

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Four months ago I stood in awe of the Steem community, I watched amazed and full of emotion as a near impossible idea became a reality, the first Steem Billboard was crowdfunded from a Steemit post grossing 27 000 Steem Dollars, because the community came together and believed in a dream!

At one time we were proud to spread the word and let the world see that "WE ARE STEEM"!

Our posts would receive magnificent rewards and we were close to the cusp of mass adoption. Today we wearily post and get scraps for our content, developers of projects like reap rewards of less than 60 Dollars across several posts instead of the glorious days where innovative projects like @xeroc's would gross over 40 000 Dollars!

There is little incentive to innovate now, but together we can make a difference and make our platform great again, all we need is to remember who we are, re-ignite our identity as the greatest and most collaborative blockchain community!

Months ago I started as a nobody on the platform, but the community raised me up, together we placed billboards in three countries with the @steemdrive campaign, we created a "free bet" sporting content machine called @steemsports, and we took an ordinary person from a Steem newbie to number 27 witness as I stand today; I remember many who once stood beside me have fallen and are no longer with us, no more!

We will lose no more of our friends by the wayside!

Stand with me and I will lead you to victory!




No more low post values, crowdfunding should be easier than this, before we could crowdfund billboards in one post!

I even spoke with @xeroc once and envisaged we could crowdfund properties to be owned by the Steem community and the rental income distributed to all holders of Steem, we could create demand for our currency from the prime properties we own together! This was once my dream! We can be great again if we believe!

As a start, I am on a mission to save and develop the service for the benefit of our community as per my recent post so we can swarm and vote our friends and deserving authors.

Today we rescue Steemvoter together! Let us raise at least a 1000 Dollar post (edit) and show that it is still possible!

I pledge to "Raise our Empire" and have powered up with 300 Steem! Will you do the same for Steem! Power up with 300 Steem or as much as you can and vote this post and let us be great again!

300 Steem - Rise of an Empire!!

Let's keep alive so we can all be Curator Angels!

Vote for thecryptodrive witness!


Direct Donations:

@cryptomancer 10 SBD
@merej99 10 SBD
@steemdrive 734.298 SBD
@thecryptodrive 316 SBD
@thecryptofiend 10 SBD

Total Donations: 1080.298 SBD

Total Crowdfund so far: 1,373.034 SBD (Donations + Post Rewards)

New Donations:

@craig-grant 15 SBD
@steemvoter 7.804 SBD (sent on behalf of @remlaps)
@virtualgrowth 6.668 STEEM
@pharesim 150 SBD
@exploretraveler 5 SBD

Target Crowdfund: 3600.00 USD

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I see no rationale given in this post as to why Steem should fork over $2000 to Steemvoter. I had to look hard to find your link to your previous post, just a couple days old, for crowdfunding this service:

I think the comments there present good criticism and skepticism about whether or not this service needs $2000 from other people.

Furthermore, just because the price of STEEM went sky-high and some posts including fundraising and upvotes for various efforts such as @xeroc's Piston.web reached tens of thousands of dollars doesn't by default mean that Steem is an unlimited font of money for all time for dubious fundraising for dubiously valued proprietary products.

Hi @pfunk, thank you for your participation. Without prejudice, please understand that I'm trying to unite the community here with a common cause, over 400 users are currently using the service and many don't want to see it go away. Steem is slowly declining from a buzzing hive of idealists, to realists and ultimately pessimists.

Sometimes overthinking things takes away the magic, believing and dreaming is what enables people to take risks and dare to innovate. If I can't pull this off as a veteran Steem crowdfunder and early adopter, what kind of message will that send? How could new users ever believe they can do great things?

I also wish to point out that I have put down over 1000$ from my own and own project funds VS 300$+ from the community in total, I'm not asking for everything from the community:

@steemdrive 734.298 SBD
@thecryptodrive 316 SBD

I do agree with you 2000$ on the post was a bit overboard, given current Steem prices and engagement, I should have looked at post values a bit better and shot for maybe 800 or 1000$ so as not to make it unattainable. I will amend now.

But I encourage you to dream a little and help the community believe rather than finding all the potential holes.

First, if you want to get that amount of upvotes, you should explain why. What I see here in this post is some air of entitlement that because previous things were funded from the Steem reward pool, this post should be upvoted just as well.

Second, I'm not sure that a third-party upvote bot service is worth what its creator is asking for it. Any request for money should be engaged critically.

Sometimes overthinking things takes away the magic, believing and dreaming is what enables people to take risks and dare to innovate.

Optimism is great but not when it's blind. I hope you're not asking others to throw money at something without thinking about it.

Hey @pfunk, please refer to my initial post on steemvoter

In simple terms, people are using the service, they like the service and it adds value and makes the lives of many curators easier as you can see in their comments on that post. Many people are getting voted by all of my accounts using this service (not only this service I may add), my voting power on my main three accounts are all 80% or less because I believe in helping people receive votes even if they only count for a little.

Even @craig-grant, a veteran steemian has indicated his interest in Steemit would diminish without this service.

The amount is not set by me, it's what the developer wants. If you consider a developer's rate of 500$ to 1000$ per day you can see how this price can easily be racked up, also the domain itself is a fairly premium one in relation to Steem, so the value is there, and the potential for improvement is there.

If i could afford to i would. Hopefully one day I can contribute

Thank you @karenb54 your vote is more than sufficient, I fully understand that not everyone can afford. Thank you for your comment and helping Steem be great, it's user attention and engagement like your that makes the difference!

Thank you : D

An inspiring speech to be sure, and a noble cause worth supporting. Loving the movie imagery too, adds some nice color to this. I don't think I'll have time to jump on Poloniex and buy 300 more Steem today, but I definitely will in the near future. Steem is a bargain at these prices, and I've been gobbling up more at regular intervals.

One suggestion: with each post you make in this campaign, it would be nice to give an update on how close you are to achieving your target. How much has been raised so far?

I'm sure you'll get rescued. You bring something to the table.

Thank you so much! We will be fine I am sure.

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i just joined. I wish steemit all the success.

Marc may not be a nice guy to socialize with, but he is dam good developer and deserves every penny for his skills

He has mad skills in many languages!! Except with python lol. :)

Hi @noganoo I'm sorry that Marc replied to you this way, I often tell him he has no-filter and comes across like an ass, I tease him about it all the time. But beneath that he is a family man and very talented and friendly to talk to in private chat. I don't agree with the "stfu" comment and am sorry on behalf of @steemvoter for this. I do understand marc is frustrated that he has received less that 100$ in total across all his posts to date, it looks bad for Steem when people try innovate and get nowhere, we need to try chance this.

Being rude might disqualify somebody from taking on the job.

Being an atheist? Are you really seriously taking somebody's religious beliefs into account for their job performance?

That and I've never heard a religious zealot swear, or seen them steal, or perform badly at a job, or kill...