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Hi Justin. I will be there.

I strongly believe that both the Tron and Steem ecosystems have a lot to gain by working together. I am excited for the potentail that the future holds. There are a lot of concerns that our community members, stakeholders, and witnesses have though which I am hoping can be addressed in the coming weeks.

I look forward to speaking to you on March 6 at the town hall.


If invites don't extend beyond the 50, I trust you'll represent the true core values some of us hold dear.

so happy to see you will be there @timcliff!!

so happy to see you will be there @timcliff!!

Henceforth to be known as the most sensable witness in the top 20. 😎

How many witnesses are there besides the top 20? Perhaps, we need more flexibility in the witnesses, the nodes. Perhaps, Steem should allow for full nodes, partial nodes, as much and as little as each person may want, like Bit Torrent.

Only about 100 or less witnesses on that list. I say the more the better.

Full list of witnesses here:

A total of 670 registed witnesses. Some of them are no longer witnesses as their names are crossed out. So, it looks like around 100 or less active witnesses as of right now. But I still think it would be better if Steem had as many witnesses as Bitcoin has miners. I think Bitcoin has thousands of miners. I know witnesses have to be voted on and miners are not voted on. A miner is just a machine that is mining Bitcoin. Can a single witness have many different Steem nodes? I am asking because I am hoping that the Steem nodes can be as decentralized as possible. I would say the more the Steem nodes, the better.

That reads as very unstable. It is assumed that the "formula" of the witnesses is thus "built" in the "post" of stability.

You've never had errors in Bittorrent ... I do.

Steemit can't be a P2P .. Sure. Surely there are already more advanced protocols than P2P. Sure.

But I doubt its stability, either P2P or something similar.

Witnesses do not seem like a bad technique despite all the scalability problems they have.

From my point of view, they need to work more together with their backs to the public.

And it is necessary to look for some formula, which separates as much as possible. The witnesses of the curators and even the rest of the other projects.

At the end. Witnesses are like judges; And it can't be. Let the judges, be those who make the laws, those who judge and the prosecuted. Everything at once.

It is necessary to perform a separation of powers.

In this point. It could work perfectly @justinsunsteemit and try to make witnesses see different points that perhaps they have not been able to stop to see until today..

But for that it is necessary to be noble, work as a team and forget about profits for a moment; and focus on a future project that generates users. Basically. Because without users, there is no project..

If witnesses are like judges, like you wrote, then I agree. It is similar to letting those who own land vote, historically speaking in the United States, and that can be a better system.

I would favor a hybrid of Steem witness nodes as the main core fused with an option, an extension, of Bit Torrent or IPFS or P2P style or Bitcoin like seeding or mining as a way to help distribute and redistribute Steem content, the web pages, etc, to help seed the content in a decentralized method, assuming it doesn't already do that.

The problem of such a system. From my vague point of view and from my ignorance.

We would all have to start mining; and that reduces the number of Steemit users.

For a minimum of users, those with technological knowledge? And that they should also feel the project as their own, to see how they get involved in it.

It would not be much simpler. Simplify everything to the fullest, try to win users in bulk. Clean the visual face of the platform. Insert ads and pay witnesses with your money for honest maintenance. If necessary.

Talk to witnesses and promote changing the way you donate the Steem Power. Support more new users and fight because they become continuous time users.
It offers a platform with better content for them.

You have to try something new ... And although there are still 100 voices of witnesses who defend their small interests.

It seems that it is impossible for the platform to float again.

Not to mention the visual damage and marketing that all that does. The feeling of a flimsy project is transmitted, for every pore of Steemit. For each witness that opens a new "spectator" or "fork" (steam peak, busy, etc., etc., etc.)

I have been in Steemit for two years.

They have been making changes almost compulsively all this time, I don't see the improvement anywhere.

Maybe. It is time to look for an alternative path, or not..


Why not make it optional? Isn't that how Bitchute works? Same thing with Dtube where you don't have to do IPFS to watch videos on Dtube. But you can if you want.


It would be like an add-on option. I would make the seeding, the mining, etc, optional, so that it doesn't change anything about what people have to do on Steem, on Steemit, on Busy, etc.

Bitcoin, Bit Torrent

Thousands of people around the world use Bitcoin, Bit Torrent, Bitchute, IPFS, seeding, mining, etc. So, some people would do it for Steem. So, make it optional like Bitchute.


You don't have to do it on Bitchute but I think they have it on Bitchute. In other words, we can still keep it simple like you said.

User Interface

Yes, clean the face of the platform, the user interface (UI), of the apps of Steem, would be a very good idea, that is to keep it minimal, as in simple. Yeah, to newbies, forks are confusing.


Firefox is always making changes as well. Technically, Microsoft operating systems (OS) are always making changes and that is why you click to update your computer ever week or two. I use Ubuntu.


So, you mentioned donating. Delegation in SP to witnesses can help. Yes, you can donate through delegating SP to witnesses and that is a good thing to do.

Dtube, do you have seven active people doing that job today? It doesn't seem to have much appeal.

Dchute No one I know knows that website. It doesn't seem to have much appeal.

Bittorrent. The Young people barely know what it is ..

But yes. Are the ideas perfectly valid in cases of talking about a platform of little recognition or diffusion?

But for a really powerful project, with the need to mainly generate traffic.

That method would support millions of visits ..? Let's be realistic a platform based on content. The first thing to look for is to generate traffic, a lot of traffic. Infinite..