It's time to vote your witnesses - even if you delegated your SP, you still have full power over witness votes!

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One thing some people may not be aware of:

Even if you delegated all your STEEM POWER to any user/service, you still have FULL VOTE POWER when it comes to witness voting.


And the time to vote is now. Please go to:

And vote for @yabapmatt (currently #21) and the next 20 wittnesess. Let me use the very detailed graph made by @klye:
Once the steem blockchain is not controlled by single person, please feel free to vote any witnesses you want :)

We're almost there and every vote counts!


Voted let's keep pushing 🚀

even if you delegated your SP, you still have full power over wittness votes!

This is secret hardly anyone knows of on this blockchain. Good point tipu!

Yes, I've been on Steemit for 3 years and I never knew it until recently. :-)

This is great, we need 19 more...

3 more to stop the hardfork ;)

Ours forward to victory.

I am missing the de-escalation here. Don't you think when one Witness crosses the line anotherone moves up again as well? There's more to say on this. We're talking in the comments at

Such a beautiful graph @kyle haha!

Done :)
@tipu curate 2

@tipu polej mu, bo dobrze gada ;)

Już zagłosowałeś, nie było tematu. ;)

I've voted fo this witnesses


@ lacl : this user is draining @tipu account, with shit post.

Did everything I could)

Congratulations @tipu! You received a personal award!

Thank you for the witness votes you made to support your Steem community and for keeping the Steem blockchain decentralized

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

Use your witness votes and get the Community Badge
Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

@tipu, This Knowledge Transfer effort and push is appreciable aspect team. In my opinion this is the Historical Time ⌚ for Steem Blockchain, and Steem Users 👥 should know how important their Steem Witnesses Votes are. Stay blessed team.

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@cardboard I tried to send steem to deposit, but it does not post in my deposit. Please help.



@tipu status

Hi @davidke20! You can now monitor your investment at
Here is your @tipU service user data:

I see it worked but with a delay.

Now I see it. 2 hours delay, scares the crap out of my pee hole. Loled. Thanks again buddy !tip

Will check it out!

It's good that I'm mentioned in this one. Now I can monitor my own status 😅 What is tipu curate. I still can't understand even after I read. Can anyone explain it in much shorter version?

That command only curator can use 🙂 basically, we look for potential high payout post, send a command and ask tipu to vote that post in order to help tipu earn more curation reward at the same time send author will get a little bit extra by tipu.

I see. I thought it's searching for new undervalued post.

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Time to change my votes.