RAP DEVIL - #TRACKOFTHEDAY - What song is "DOING IT" for you today?! (05.09.2018)

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I stumbled across this track today on FB after someone had shared it because of the whole little WAR unfolding between Eminem, a truck load of other rappers... and this guy. Now I am the BIGGEST Eminem fan... that man literally IS a RAP GOD... but I DO have to take my hat off to to this guy for for his sheer BRUTALITY and general lack of giving ANY Fncks! And apart from that - his track is DAMN GOOD! I think it takes a special pair of nuts to belittle someone like Eminem to the degree he just has, but he CLEARLY has a similar objective to Marshall Mathers when he stepped into the rap scene back in the day...

None of us will ever really know the FULL disclosure of dynamics... for all we know it could all be completely orchestrated to kick this youngsters career off the ground with Eminem involved in the backing of that... but if that is NOT the case, then personally... I think this guy has just MADE his career and I LOVE the brazen boldness!!!!

It is an AWESOME track! LOVE the lyrics and the sound overall! He's got skills!




I enjoyed that track so much that I went to go look for other tracks of his and I have to say... I am even more impressed now... especially after this one.

Life without music is a complete non-negotiable as far as I am concerned. There is honestly NEVER a moment in my world where I do not have music playing from somewhere… whether it’s in the lounge while I am working, the kitchen while I am cooking, the bathroom while I am showering, or in the car while I am driving… there is ALWAYS music… Music to me, is soul food!

It does not matter whether you have loved it for ten minutes or ten years.... Let's HEAR it!!! What is YOUR Track of the Day?

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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Just watched this and stumbled upon your post a moment later. Synchronicity at its best.
Peace and Love!

ha! Classic! And what do you think of the track @spellmaker?

I think he brilliantly rhymes about things I don't like in shady and more. It's lit!

Interesting bit of music. Recently my Pandora put on a song called In the End by Black Veil Brides and I've been a bit obsessed with it as of late. The emo-rock sort of My Chemical Romance style music was never my scene, but something about that song in particular has me hooked and I can't stop listening.