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Instead of going to an expensive resorts or travel for how many hours to enjoy the summer, why not try this hidden little paradise. Well i may be exaggerated it with the word "paradise" but for me it is. Where you can enjoy the nature at the same time feel relax with the water.

This is "SANG'GAWAN FALLS AND HOT SPRINGS RESORT", known as Batasan Falls, located at Batasan, Makilala North Cotabato. If you've been to Lake Agco then this is its little version though it needs a lot to be more attractive to people, im talking about facilities/cottages coz for now they're only using laminated sacks as roof and bamboo splits as table.

For those who have limited knowledge about Makilala will really hesitate to come because of the peace situation of this place but its not how dangerous it is. People are very welcoming just like us they want peace, they want their place to be known and improve just like the other places have.


This is the water fall, not too high but still need enough courage to jump off probably teen feet high or more, its depth 7 or 8 feet i guess. Its 2n1 package if you want to jump coz you have to climb to the walls with your bare hands, there's no ladder nor rope or roots to hold on to only the small cracks in that rocks as if you are doing a wall climbing without safety gears but only the water hahaha!!!. But if you really insist to jump without climbing thats rocks of course you can use the other route above but you will come up to its higher ground then you can jump off from their.



Obviously the water is cold because of its surroundings, but you can take their hot tub made for those who can't stand the coldness, but you should expect the crowd.


If you can see that sprinkling water down there its too hot to bath that's they mixed it with the water from fall going to that tub so that people can stay and relax.

But if you want to be alone or only with your friends then you can try the other one.



Here, you can enjoy with your friends, only few will come to that spot because its a little bit far from the cottages. As you see that yellow color in the stone indicates that the waters flowing in it is hot so be cautious before humping off, you might hit the stone below too. That little spot right there where my companion is holding, its too hot, when we arrive there we see people boiling eggs to that spot, for the sake of curiosity they step on it and got burnt hahaha,, gladly i didn't.

Lastly, the lower part where you can jump all you want and swim its wider and have a shallow part.


If you want to visit there, don't expect too much for it still on its recovery after the destruction caused by a tornado and delayed by the presence of armed groups. Despite of that, IT IS SAFE!!!!

From Makilala Highway- Batasan Falls 20 pesos fare
Entrance Fee 10 for 11yrs old above
5 pesos parking fee for motorcycle
10 pesos parking fee for vehicles

"if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere"


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Wow.. I like the place :)

you will, if you'll see it personally
:) thanks

Nice pics and very beautiful place

nice @myruss adtoon naku ni nga place duol ra ni sa tindahan hehehe tnx for the information

maadto jud nemo na kay makasulod man ang four wheels didto mitch

Grabe ang mura nya pero super fun! :D

kaya nga ehh,,, punta ka dito bebe pam nyahahaha :P :P :P

otw na hahaha :P

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Amazing photos 😀👍

~ @chrisrice

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