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Just like humans, the instruments we use have undergone various changes and adaptations over time.

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We talk about baroque music, classical music; Baroque violin, classical violin, electric violin... this elegant instrument has been influenced by different musical currents.

It is said that its origin is Arab-Muslim but, it became famous thanks to the luthiers Italians of the Renaissance before having several changes with the passing of the epochs, until developing as we know it today, the electric violin.

  • The origin of the violin, remains a mystery, since it took several centuries for us to know the instrument we are using today.

The rubbed string instruments did not appear until the 10th century

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The rise of the violin in Italy

The first authentic violin dates back to the year 1564

Ordered by Catherine Medicí for her son Carlos IX. It is worth noting that, from that moment, he began to be an instrument of royalty, since the violin was used in popular parties.

The Amanti workshop gained a very great reputation. The family, and all their descendants, were responsible for continuing the tradition.

The city of Cremona became the cradle of the violin. In his defect, all Italy became reference for all the musicians and luthiers, at that time until our days.

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The violin in the contemporary

We know that contemporary music has distanced the old instruments a bit, but the violin is still one of the references of current music.

In history, the violin has been known as an instrument for the highest classes, although it was born of the humblest, of the popular. Its price and the extensive years of study necessary to master it, leads many to opt for other instruments.

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The appearance of the electric violin gave this instrument a complete turn

Today I can say with pride, as a violinist that I am, that this instrument, so aesthetic and beautiful, has become an integral actor for all musical genres.

I invite everyone to experience in the beautiful world of music and to be guided by the light of the violin.

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Maravilloso! Las posibilidades de los instrumentos eléctricos convierten en sensación los sonidos. El arcoiris de posibilidades nos deleita! Gracias Miguel. Invítanos a algún concierto!👍