SteemitJam #2 "Into the unknown" feedback

in #steemitjam5 years ago

Here's my feedback on the other two SteemitJam entries! Sorry this was a done a bit late compared to the first SteemitJam, because I had a very busy week! I'm also finished with my SteemitJam time-lapse, I will post it soon!

Mindbender by @poet

Minderbender is a maze game, however there's a twist. The maze is non-euclidean which makes the maze a lot more difficult than it actually looks.

At first, I could not really figure how the maze worked. I knew that the paths did not always lead to what they actually should have so I briefly looked up the code.

There's a loop over this line :
MazeLocation connectTo = mazeLocations[Random.Range(0, mazeLocations.Count)];
From my understanding the maze locations are somewhat randomly interconnected. I slightly changed my strategy from having no strategy to re-explore all the paths and it paid off apparently.

Small mazes are pretty easy, but like any other maze, the bigger it is, the longer it is to complete.

The lack of explanation on how the maze works marks the game right on the theme. You are going into the unknown, you have no clue where you are going.

The art is dead simple, there's nothing more than what is required. There doesn't appear to be any sounds or music.

The game is pretty unique and made me lookup non-euclidean geometry. Good and well thought second puzzle entry @poet, especially considering your situation. I think the next step is polishing!

QWOP-NOE by @seschoscho

QWOP-NOE takes the controls of QWOP and apply them to apnoe diving.

You must reach lowest depths of the seas, while doing so, you will meet turtles, dolphins and whales friends which will help you with bubbles blown proportionally to their size which give an "air increase". I reached slightly over 100m depth at best after a few tries.

The art is amazing, I really like pixel art and I think it was really well done. The swimming marine animals give life to the game. I would have liked to see more though. Fish, fish schools or sharks that can kill you would have been interesting!

I'm impressed with the sound, it blends well with the game without disturbing the player. Well done!

If you would add more "low oxygen" feedback (such as the screen turning pale proportionally to the lack of oxygen), more marine life and slightly more polish, I think you could export it on mobile and some people would play it!

Considering this was your first game jam entry @seschoscho, I think you did great! I hope you will be joining again for the next SteemitJam!


Thanks for the feedback and for the kind words! I'm not exactly sure how I could change the controls so they'd fit for mobile. But I might upload it to browser though. (After some additional polishing) Thanks for the idea! :)