SteemitJam #3 starting soon! Make a video game this weekend!

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What is SteemitJam and how does it work?

SteemitJam is a monthly game creation event where participants are required to create a game under 72 hours following a specific theme. It is a great opportunity to start something new, improve a skill or find motivation. The third edition of the event will start on March 2nd at 2am GMT and will end on March 5th at 2am GMT. When the event starts, I will make a post announcing the theme that the participants will work on for the SteemitJam. I will use my open-source program trustless-random-generator to generate a random theme transparently.


Rules won't really be enforced, but you're missing the point if you don't follow them ;)

  • No teams, this is done alone.
  • You must own all the code, art and sound used for your entry. However, game engines, frameworks and libraries are permitted.
  • You must share the code when you submit your entry.
  • You must submit your entry before the end of the event (March 5th at 2am GMT).
  • You must respect the theme (Which will be announced at the start of the event).

How do I join?

Simply wait until the theme is announced, then start working on your game! Once you are finished, you simply need to submit your entry and you are done! If you want to chat you should join the Discord

How do I submit my entry?

Create a Steemit post with the following information :

  • Title of your game.
  • Description of your game.
  • How to play your game/Controls (If it is not clear in the game)
  • A download link for your game (I recommend supporting more platforms than Windows).
  • A download link for the source code (Can also be a link to a GitHub repository).
  • Include screenshots/videos (Optional, but recommended).
  • Installation instructions (If necessary).

Publish the post with the tag #steemitjamsubmission

Modifying an entry after the jam

If you realized that you made a typo or you have found a game-breaking bug that makes the game crash, you can still change it after the event but please make your change clear. It should look like this in your submission post :

{{link}} Game v1.0
{{link}} Source Code v1.0

{{link}} v1.1 (Fixed typo "your" to "you're" after deadline)
{{link}} Source Code v1.1

Don't modify your entry to add features. This completely breaks the point of a game jam.

Who 'wins'?

SteemitJam does not have any official 'winner'. Instead, I encourage people to write blog posts on their favorite games. These posts will bring attention to the author of the respective game.

I will personally review each game (Oh and don't forget to support Linux systems!). I will say what I liked about them and what is to improve. I encourage people to do so, but it is not mandatory.

Browse the posts on #steemitjamsubmission to see the entries.

Progress blogs and post-mortems

You are free to write blogs about your game before the end of the deadline, showing what you have done so far, GIFs, pictures, videos or more. It is also interesting to read post-mortems or watching time-lapses. I encourage people to make them using the #steemitjam tag.

Potential themes

This is a list of potential themes for the third edition of SteemitJam, if you want a theme added or removed, just request it in the comments or on Discord.

  • Floating islands
  • Limited space
  • Expanding
  • Tiny machines
  • Only three colors
  • Broken world
  • Start with nothing
  • One level but constantly changing
  • Death is useful
  • One minute
  • Everything is connected
  • Signal lost
  • Parallel worlds
  • Moving fortress
  • You are alone
  • Machines
  • Running out of space
  • On / Off
  • Connections
  • Blockchain
  • 1 vs 100
  • It spreads
  • Different perspective
  • Infection
  • Artificial Life
  • Hive mind

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I have a packed weekend, and I'm traveling on Sunday from Israel to the UK. On the one hand, it means I won't have much time as I will be spending time with loved ones before going away for a week. On the other hand, getting to the UK is about a 9 hour commute, including trains and waiting at the airport, so might have time to whip something out in that time. Extra challenge, no internet connection!

I really really want to enter one of these jams, but restricted as I can't draw and useless with sound. Could you schedule one of these in the future with a max three man team, i.e. one dev, one sound and one gfx guy??? Would be really great to enter something like this.