The third edition of the SteemitJam game creation event has started. The theme is 'Different perspective'

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The third edition of SteemitJam has started! The deadline is 72 hours from this post (March 5th at 2am GMT). Read this post if you are participating!

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The theme is 'Different perspective'


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All SteemitJam related posts should go under #steemitjam. Once your game is finished, please submit it under #steemitjamsubmission.

Theme choice

I selected a random theme from the list here. The generation was made seconds before I published this blog post (I'm writing it entirely and then generating the theme at exactly 2am GMT). I'm using my Trustless Random Generator as a proof I did not select the theme a few hours ago.

Here is the output of the generation :


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I enjoy game jams, so this is intriguing to me. I'll be interested to know when the next one occurs!

The next one will be next week (5th of April-ish)! It's the first weekend of every month!