Sailing on the Seven Seas - SteemitJam #2 "Into the unknown" entry

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Sailing on the Seven Seas

ye must defend yer vessel with yer two crewmen against th' threat o' th' seas : Sea Serpents, th' Kraken, Giant rocks and scurvy dogs!


Since ye're a Corsair ye already be knowin' how t' load a cannon, but just in case ye forgot, I will be tellin' ye how. Load a cannon by bringin' ammo t' th' cannon, then ye need t' get a rammer and push down th' ammo. ye should then put th' rammer back whar ye took it t' keep thin's nice and tidy on th' deck. Now hold tight and get ready fer a blast. If ye have good aim ye should hear th' agonizin' scream o' a sea monster, by Blackbeard's sword!


Firin' a cannon may be a blast hehe, but ye should keep an eye on th' lookout fer potential dangers, I'll warrant ye! If ye think thin's be in a terrible condition, use th' wheel without th' Cap'n's permission, as long as th' ship be safe, he won't mind.

Cannon loadin' demo

A cannon loadin' example. Yaaarrrrr, Shiver me timbers! Sorry fer th' low knot rate caused by th' one-legged heathens


Download th' game on th' upper deck here
Source code on th' lower deck here


All the booties were made by @loomy (art, code, sounds, music), except th' MIT licensed Simplex Noise used and th' free font.


I love it! The sounds are hilarious! But maybe it would make for a better playing experience if it wasn't that damn hard from the beginning... Best I got was 221 seconds and I gotta say - I'm proud haha. Anyways great game! Would be really cool if you kept working on it (upgrades, more crew members, etc). I think there are actually people who want something like this! (me included) :)

Communicating with people on steemit is hard. Anyway, need your input on the steemitjam logo.

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Can anyone beat this ?

more time, higher quality!