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Trust is the act or ability for you to believe in or confide in someone having the hope that the fellow will not dissapoint you. Trust as been in existence from the beginning of the world even in the creation of the universe. Trust i the primary features of love, there can't love without trust, trust walk side in side with love.
Love can help to build a nation, when there's trust among men, life will ne so comfortable and easy to live because trust will bring about love and when there's love, there's everything.
Trust can make someone at the top to assist the one coming with the hope that the person is not going to pull him down.

Today am going to talk about "TRUST IN THE FAMILY"

Before there could be a family, there would have been relationship and inside this relationship there would have been trust that will bring about love. The origin of love can be said to have started from the family bcause by chance two poeple meet, with trust they love, with love they unite to become a family. Trust can exist in that kind of family as long as they don't bring in the thirst party, third party isn't your children, thw third party here are your friends. Once the third party as access to be part of what he or she is not sopossed to be, then trust start to die, because this their person will surely and definitely poinson the trust and then the house begin to experience the bad side of the relationship. It is this third party that will make the man to realize what other men have been thinking about his wife and how thirsty the other men outside are willing to have a taste in her wife and the man too, once his wife goes out and comes home late, then the house start to be in another section, he'll start thinking what's not right abour the woman maybe the woman has been high jacked by some men outside. And also for the woman, a third party friend who doesn't have a happy home will make the wife to see what's not right about her husband,
she will talk what her eyes have seen and what she have not see. She will start teaching the woman how to handle a man that cheat on his wife and the woman will set her house on fire by herself. She will start seeing her husband excess and that's where she will always stand to make life tough for the man, by doing all this they won't have time for thier kids and the parental love will no longer fiction well, when the parents supposed to be guilding the kids on the kids on what's to be done, they will be fighting, yailling and nagging on unnecessary issues, the kids will now start going astray and do their wish
This kind of child will start misbehaving in the community just because trust is dead in there family and at the end of the day when the parents will come to their sences, it will be too late, the child might have falling into a problem that doesn't have a solution, then they will start running to seek for solution when the crop as grown see. This type of act will be like of a farmer who planted before cultivation, then when the seed crop as grown a bad seen he's now trying to cultivate so the seeds can turn good which is impossible.
It take trust to make a man of high position to do what's right at the right time, when they seek for position they will start begging for votes, but the moment they get what they after the poeple have trusted them and voted for them, they change and its all because they don't trust what the future brings for them. Trust us what we need in life to be successful, we need to trust God, trust ourselves, and trust your mental ability. For a this nation to be revoluted we need trust, trust from the followers to the revolutor that he won't get bribed and fight for his own stomach alone latter in the day, trust from the followers to the revolutor that when troubles ariase that his follower will not let him down. We need trust in the church that when someone gives a point, we trust it and support it.
Trust is one of the best ingredients to integrity. Trust is for the real men who knows what the future brings


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