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The first time I went to the UK there was an ad I loved the first time I saw it on TV, it was the advert of an insurance company called confused.com. The ad explains to viewers that the company understands that there are many insurance companies offering so many different insurance with different rates that it makes you confused but that you shouldn't worry because they’ll offer you the best rates for whatever you want insured.

How Is This Story Relevant To Steemians?

What started with few tokens like WEED, SCT and AAA that many didn’t really pay too much attention to suddenly started becoming the buzz on the Steem ecosystem when Palnet dropped their claimdrop of PAL into many users account. That single act caused a lot of attention and ever since then a lot of users have started investing in the different tribe tokens.

Steemleo did an airdrop to members that staked their PAL and all hell was let loss. Users now discovered that it is not all about owning the coin but you also have to stake them so that you receive more benefits from it as you’re helping to support the tribe.

When we had 4, 5 or 6 tribe tokens it was easy to decide which token to invest in and which to stay away from. The tribes were well defined and it was easy to know which tags to use when you make your post. Now, we have tokens that seem to have relationship with other tribe token, it is hard to know the difference between them. For instance Intrepreneur is a tribe for entrepreneurs, as an entrepreneur what I do is invest which is what Steemleo is all about and for some users who fall into my category they could be investing in sports which is what the Sports token is about or they could be investing in creative stuff which is where Creativecoin token comes into play and if you’re an entrepreneur and invested in a new type of pipe for smoking weed, then Weed token is your best bet.

As you can see from the example I just illustrated, there are post we make that now marries all the tribes or should I say some of them into one post through the tags we use. Now, we know to get something out of them we don’t just need to use their tags, we need to invest in buying some of the tokens and stake them so that we get influence via the upvote we deliver.

No you all know we all don’t have the resources to invest the way we would want because of the market economy we operate, so resources are scares which mean we need to make choices as to what we want to invest in. I guess that is where scale of preference comes into play, but I tell guys it is hard sometimes for some of us.

Multiple Tags To Rescue Somehow…

Steempeak just released an announcement via the post with the link SteemPeak Release - Update v1.14.8 - More Tags and a New Recommended Page, one of the new developments on this new release is that you are now able to add 10 tags when posting using Steempeak. If you thought deciding which tags to use to complete your 5 tags was a problem then you’ve double trouble coming your way. Lol.

But, really, is this a problem or a solution? I think it is a solution in the sense that you are not forced to use all the tags for those that just need the usual 1 to 5 tags. And for those cracking their heads to decide which tags to use and which not to use then you’ve got the liberty to use up to 10 tags.

It all still boils down to the fact that you need to decide which tribe you’ll be posting topics most on and which ones you’ll just be dropping in once in a while to drop a post on. Confused dot com? Nah, you already know where your strength is when it come to creating your content, I guess the only natural thing is to do is invest where your heart is already at.

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I do Palnet, sportstalk, actifit, zzan and I am working on a long post about investment and bidbots. Hopefully it will turn out good and as I expect :D

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That is a great idea but you best hurry up cause this blockchain is dynamic. Lol.

Ye I know. But its just a investmemt theory on the value their provide and which provides more and why :D

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I'm currently staking all tokens that I receive. Some I'm adding to daily, with the 50% of my post earnings and payments I receive from a few delegations. It isn't much but it all adds up in the end.

In a month or so I will decide what tokens to keep and what ones to sell. That is how I'm handling the confusion.

Great strategy I must say, for me i think I've got my hands all over the place. Lol. I earning a lot from content creation in those niche I want to grow in. They sure earn better than the miners too. Thanks for your input.

Yes, I'm earning from the various niches too, it is helping me focus on which ones I should build a larger position in. Right now I working on increasing my ZZAN.

Dear @ketcom

It surely may be confusing at the very beginning. I decided to follow PALnet and SteemLEO mostly because they managed to build some decent userbase and at least there is some traffic on those platforms.

I wonder if current interests with Tribes and steem-engine is a long term thingy, or is it just a hype that will finally go away....

Steemleo did an airdrop to members that staked their PAL and all hell was let loss.

Any idea who was buying back those tokens dumped on the market? I mean ... do you think all those Tribe developers are allocating that much money to ensure that tokens from airdrops will not bring project to it's knees?

Hope you won't mind if I encourage you to visit my latest publication about our leaders pushing recession away and since I value your knowledge and experience, I would like to ask if you could share your own opinion on that particular topic.
I would greately appreciate it.

Yours, Piotr