The Tribe of Neoxian

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Hello all, it's time to introduce my Tribe of Neoxian. Yes that's right, I'm going to have my own Tribe, why? Because I'm frikkin' Neoxian, that's why.


My Neoxian Silver and Miner tokens are just digital pieces of fluff, and may never be worth anything. Be very cautious in purchasing any tokens, including mine.

Tribe facts:

  • Url:
  • Token: neoxag (neoxian silver)
  • Mining Token: neoxagm (neoxian silver miner)
  • Author curve: 1.2
  • Curation curve: 0.5
  • Tag: "neoxian"
  • Inflation: 5% per year, 2.5% proof of brain, and 2.5% mining

This Tribe will be the tribe of my city. Our own forum for both posting to Steem at large and posting things about the city when needed.

Forum - General Topic

It will be a general topic forum where nearly all sorts of posts are allowed. Content that is spam, plagiarism, broadly offensive (child porn, not safe for life, etc), threats of physical violence, or scams are not allowed.


  • Exact numbers are TBD!!!

  • Snapshots and times are TBD!!!

  • Neox based airdrop

    • Holders of Neox (neoxian gold) token will receive:
    • neoxag = neox * X
    • Staking Neox is not necessary
  • City based airdrop 1

    • Founder(me) will receive huge amount

    • Dragons will receive large amount

    • Sharps will receive a modestly good amount

    • Pluses will receive a small amount

    • Pope bonus

    • Hacker bonus

  • City based airdrop 2

    • Top three chatters as determined by mee6 level will be rewarded
    • Top three citizens (excluding myself) that do perform legit giveaways will be rewarded

Also there will be numerous neoxag giveaways.

I apologize for the vagueness of these numbers. Designing your own currency is hard, and I don't want commit to specific numbers until I've had more time to work it out with the Steem-Engine guys.

More disclaimers

There are many scenarios in which my issued tokens could become worthless, please invest cautiously, don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

(pic from

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LOL.. nice. Why not?

Pretty cool Neox... listen, if you don't mind me sharing.

I perfect use case for your token could be in your lending practices. You could use it as a qualifier for someone to even get a loan.

If you allow me to explain it a bit further. You could use the tokens as follows:

X user wants to get 100 USD from the Neoxian bank. He contacts Neoxian to negotiate.

Depending on the staked Neoxian tokens, the user has, the bank will calculate the APR. This of course, is yet to be determined, but ideally the curve would look somewhat like this.

neox apr.jpg

This would lock up funds, which is good for the tokenomics, since they would have to powerdown for a full month to liquidate. But, since you would still hold the keys, you would also have an extra collateral if they default on their loan.

So, the incentive is clear. A customer of the bank wants better rates, cheaper loans, well.... he must powerup some Neox tokens.

I'm already thinking of new ideas for the token, but this should be good to get the utility aspect of your token started.

I got so excited so I went to the SE DEX only to find...


😭 why won't you take my money

Sorry this is still all brand new. Keep checking back I'll probably put up some for sale soon.


I did the same thing!

sell order is there

Excellent! thanks.

sell order is there


Screen Shot 20190707 at 7.24.47 PM.png

This is something pretty cool, congratz and feel like this is the city that we all looking for!
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A Tribe City, WOW sounds awesome @neoxian ! best of luck with your launch wish I had money, lol!! Im sure it will be fantastic! upped 100% and resteemed to help spread the word for ya!! 😎👍❤

Reply, okay, both my accounts are now in the City. Oh by the way, I don't know if I will be buying any tokens, but with the possible advent of flag wars and such over on steemit, I fully intend to sign up for a lot of the new communities as they come out. Yours was a no brainer for me. You understand money, from the banking side, and you seem to be careful with your funds. Any one that can help as many people out as you do with loans and do it for quite some time now, and not get majorly burned, well I had to join your tribe, I got burned once with a Loan the person that guaranteed the loan was not in my book a very honest or upstanding person, his word meant nothing. His reputation among some was pretty high but not all high REP people are good.

where nearly sort of posts are allowed

Nearly sort of posts? I don't think I know how to write nearly sort of posts. I know how to write gnarly posts. Did you mean gnarly posts?

It was a typo "where nearly all sorts of posts are allowed", fixed.


Could be he meant nearly all sorts of posts? Hard to tell. need more info.

I think he probably meant gnarly posts. Or maybe "sort of posts" is like they're sort of posts, but not really.
Ha! I'm just buggin the guy. We go way back.

It was a nice typo, haha!

Typo: "where nearly all sorts of posts are allowed"


I witness this upgrade too, promising future with you!

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You are one of my witnesses so I thought I would join your Tribe/City. I want to thank your citizens for the warm welcome I received!



I want an airdrop @neoxian please :P

This is awesome Neoxian congrats!!!

Once I have more liquid STEEM I think I'll be buying more coins such as yours. You have been around steem forever and your coin is a good investment IMO. You lend out and grow. Sounds like a coin I would be interested in ;)

NeoX already rocking the steem engine markets ;)

This is awesome! Count me in! I just got started in your other pod and really taking part in the discord channel so you being on steem-engine with your own token is going to be freakin epic. Count me in for some big time support as you launch this thing. Anything I else that I can do to help just mention it.

I'm in. Going to buy some later today :P

Ahhh I'm living under a stone or what? City? What city. Where is it?

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Congratulations on the decision to create your small city / child.

I think your bank is a good use case, similar to SALT.

All so very exciting !! 💃💃💃💃💃

Cheers & Brightest of Blessings BeautyFull 🎉💫🎉💫🎉


Thank you @neoxian 😘 for everything but most importantly for Being YOU 💯

I am Honored & deeply thankful to be the Pope of your Tribe 😍

💞 Sending all my Reiki Love to you & the Tribe of Neoxian 💞

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Yay 🎉

So it begins...

This is good news. Well done.

This is cool... i want in

Take a !BEER in one of your bups for all the work you have been doing.

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Well, I just made it under the wire, I have no clue what wire, but what da hey. Can my real account also play over here or are you going to have a one account only rule? Not sure if this will post via the tribal page, but I'll copy it just in case, A lot of thugs are greyed out, like the Reply button, but it still let the reply box open. so now to see if it lets the reply go through, if not I'll use palnet to reply.

I'm ok with multi accounts on the blockchain, but I don't like them in my discord.

Just checking it all out now! wish you all the best!

I just got my first 5 NEOX :P

PD: I'm graphic designer... DM me if you want to create a different look to the

future is here


I'm about to copy/paste this post for my own blog.

Hello all, it's time to introduce my Tribe of Edicted. Yes that's right, I'm going to have my own Tribe, why? Because I'm frikkin' Edicted, that's why.

You will soon become THE steem whale within every tribe :)

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I give it a chance when i get some liquid steem!
Anyway i just discovered this token, becuase i hear about it on steampeak discord :P

Soon be moving my luggage to the city.

Founder(me) will receive huge amount


Oh I hope I'm included in the airdrop! Already got bookmarked!

So no AirDrop?

Airdrop will be for neoxian city users [Discord users ] And if you are NEOX holder then you will get airdrop too , even if you are not in the discord . The numbers of airdrop yet to come . so stay tuned for more update .

Thanks for the TLDR

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@neoxian, Now on Steem Blockchain we are seeing Airdrop surprises. Excited to hear about the Official Launch. Stay blessed.

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Good to see this Tribe on Steem blockchain! This is very exciting! We see a lot of update and new platforms on Steem blockchain for a couple of weeks! Let's see what happens next.

Be Sharp, Buy NEOXAGM!

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Wow @neoxian. Your city is the best.

wow congratulations Neo sir and already feeling like a mini whale of ;)

i am feeling like dancing as well :P we all are part of this experiment Neo sir and we all are with you God bless you and wish you all the very best in your this new project 🙌❤🤗🤸‍♀️

I am Convinced @neoxian and I Dipped My Little TOE into the Water and Picked Up a Taste of NEOXAGM........Here is to a GREAT FUTURE !!!

Well I am in! Keep the bank open and growing - Long live #SSG

Hello noexian, do you have a Discord channel please? I want to know more about this.

You did the move Boss! That's awesome! Gonna do some research and see what's all about. Do we have to post a certain type of content or just using the tag? Regards boss, I'm really happy for you.

It's a general topic forum. Use "neoxian" tag.

So, now to figure out how to add all of these tags to my posts! Looks interesting!

How long does unstaking take?

Same is steem, 13 weeks, 7 day increments

I knew this city is coming out with a big bang... The future is here. What a city! Wow... Thank you Neoxian City for bringing smiles back.

Hi neoxian the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
To view or Trade SHADE visit


You are one of my witnesses so I thought I would join your Tribe/City. I want to thank your citizens for the warm welcome I received!


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