Amazon Gift Cards Coming to SteemLeo Shop!

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Hello Steem & Tribes! We are going to be leveraging SteemLeo's new shopping system to launch the ability to buy items on Amazon with your tokens and using STEEM/SBD.

The goal is to better utilize your Steem Backed Dollars/Steem & Tribe tokens - Starting with Leo Tokens. You'll be able to order $10, $15, $25, $35 (higher amounts coming but during beta these are the amounts we'll start with $10) from Amazon and Gyft (to be added shortly) so you can spend in the real-world.

Next, head on over to the SteemLeo shop here. We should have a listing's up there shortly. Listing is now here![Paused- as we fix pricing] Thanks,@khaleelkazi for creating such an awesome idea and look forward to getting this started.

See you there!

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Awesome use case for the shop. Can’t wait to see some cards up there!

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Thank you Khaleel! we figured it would be. We actually had a wordpress themed site built in the early days of Steem to be able to do this but we were to far ahead I think on the idea ,but what you've set-up makes perfect sense.

how much will be the cost of the giftcards??

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Hi @wofunmi,

At the moment we just have one listing of $10 for a total of $12 so the fee is $2 due the volatility of Crypto ,but we plan on bringing it down.

Good question.

This is awesome. Nice work.

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Thanks @dkid14 make sure to follow us for further updates coming!

This is certainly an interesting idea. It can raise more interest for SteemLeo and Steem in general, especially when combined with Steem having easy transfers and no transfer fees.

yeah it will create more demands for the LEO token and also steem too....

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Thanks, @retrocommodore . That is the idea is to raise some more interest for SteemLeo/Tribes and Steem in general. Give people more options in what to do with their tokens.

Great stuff. Hope you keep us updated about this project.

Thanks @bluerobo make sure to follow us for further updates coming!

Thanks @trumpman make sure to follow us for further updates coming!

This is huge! Great work guys, I can’t wait to buy goods on Amazon with STEEM 😊😊

Thank you @fedexo! we are busy piecing it all together thanks.

Will the Amazon cards only be valid in the US on, or would I be able to use them in the UK on ?

i think amazon giftcards are valid on any offical amazon website,so you should be able to use the giftcard on too....i am not very certain though...

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Checked with Amazon now. Unfortunately you can only use their Gift Cards on the site of origin.

Yes, we were just looking into that aspect to see if there was any cross over. We'll see what we can do to include U.K customers.

That will be great. Let me know if you succeed.

This would be real big. This is the beginning of steem, when we find use outside that chain into the internet space where our tokens get exchanged for tangible products.

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i agree with you...

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Exchanging goods for tokens is what every successful economic system in the world is based on. Let's have Steem/Tribes become a force to be reckon with.

We all have a role to play towards achieving this. We must consciously promote this initiative.

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@steemgyft amazon giftcards are really useful,and knowing that is coming to steemleo shop makes it a good news and interesting too...

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Great work

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Wow, thats nice

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