Glad To Have You At The Helm Justin Sun!

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I was glad to see the news that Justin has acquired steemit. Steemit was lacking two major things over the last couple of years: capital and marketing. And these are two areas of expertise of Justin. Unfortunately we hit a bit of a wall with steemit and our Alexa ranking was stagnate. The value of the coin hasn't gone close to the $1-2 mark in the last year and without that there is little motivation for a lot of users to use steem. This was made even more challenging by the fact that the steem team was still selling steem every month and adding to the already painful sell pressure.

For those of you who don't know Justin he is a great marketer and the face of tron which has the most active dapps of any blockchain, I have used tron dapps and can say they run very well, even to the point where you cannot tell they are on a blockchain at times. I never promoted any as I don't think you should shill other coins on another network but now that we are on the same team I can openly say GO TRON.

Now that steemit, dlive, poloniex are all on the same team we are creating a full ecosystem for content creators. People can live stream dapps from tron on dlive and then post that footage on steemit. Then with the money they make they can trade it on poloniex. We can use steemit to promote dapps and dapps to give us content for steemit. It is time to expand and work together to become mainstream. No longer should be looking to divide and conquer.

I also hope this new capital can go a long way to stop the powering down by steemit and we can start to have a buyback and burn program so we can get the price of the coin up.

But either way I welcome Justin to steem!



I do not share your joy - time will tell everything - I do not believe a single word of Justin! While he made exactly zero!

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When you compare Justin to the absentee leader he replaced and the lame leaderless team that had a huge part in the development, the he could be an upgrade.

Jury is out for me until I see the real results but at least there is a buzz going on. That and my favourite geek on my feed again!!

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