[April 1th] steemlike guide & report

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Increase your posting value.

Thanks to steemlike users.


  • steemlike is a voting service.
  • steemlike voting system has some time delay.
    You can show the pending list on a web page.
  • voted from @steemfunding, @koinbot, @steemlike, @parosai
  • When voting is completed, don’t leave a comment.
  • Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Last 30 days history

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History & Status

You can show the pending list and completed list.

Now Steem Like

  • Please refer to profile for maximum amount and rates.
  • ex. 스크린샷 2018-04-02 오후 10.21.50.png ----> 3 SBD * 2.15 = $6.45

How to using

  • Transfer SBD(or STEEM 0.2 steem or more) to @steemlike and put posting URL in memo.
  • post only. not support comment.


  • If transfer amount more than maximum SBD.
  • If we cant not found the post with the contents of memo.
  • If the content of the post is spam, nsfw, unuseful or bad.
  • unknown error,..

steemlike funder

Thanks :)


You guys are growing fast! Glad to see 4 SBD is coming into play along with a higher percentage :)

Thanks jason7282!
It depends on steem price and pending list.
We will try to do our best.

I accidentally sent you SBD twice whoops lol. It says refunded but I don't have it in my account. Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.24.14 PM.png

Ignore that I just got it thank you!

hi, jason7282.
refund is manually so, has some time delay..
thanks :)

I see you boosted the percentage another 5%! I think you should offer a discount to those who have been loyal a while. That's just my .02 cents.

hi, jason7282.
thanks your comment
below 1sbd, can get add 5%
thanks :)

please check my below posting.
koinbot site says voting completed, but it didn't applied yet.
( sent 3 SBD)


Thank you.
Thank you.

the request was voted.
sorry for some error.
and thanks for your comment :)

I had transferred 2 SBD with an invalid memo 19 hours ago. Request you to refund the same.

the request was refunded.
thanks :)

Hi I sent 4sbd yesterday but it looks like the post will be past 7 days by the time your bot gets around to it. Can you refund this please

Hi andrewharland.
your request was refunded.
sorry for the delay..

Accidentally sent twice for same post. Anyway for refund on one?

hi, kirkins .
your request was refunded.
thanks :)

How old should a post be before it can be voted