[March 1th] steemlike guide & report

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스크린샷 2017-12-23 오후 2.05.32.png

Increase your posting value.

Thanks to steemlike users.
Now some pending lists about 2.5 days


  • steemlike is a voting service.
  • steemlike voting system has some time delay.
    You can show the pending list on a web page.
  • voted from @steemfunding, @koinbot, @steemlike, @parosai
  • When voting is completed, don’t leave a comment.
  • Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Last 30 days history

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History & Status

You can show the pending list and completed list.

Now Steem Like

  • Please refer to profile for maximum amount and rates.
  • ex. 스크린샷 2018-03-07 오후 10.22.12.png ----> 5 SBD * 2.4 = $12

How to using

  • Transfer SBD(or STEEM 0.5 steem or more) to @steemlike and put posting URL in memo.
  • post only. not support comment.


  • If transfer amount more than maximum SBD.
  • If we cant not found the post with the contents of memo.
  • If the content of the post is spam, nsfw, unuseful or bad.
  • unknown error,..

steemlike funder

Thanks :)


저기 궁금한게 만약에 5SBD 를 보냈는데 12 SBD 정도의 보팅을 못받을 경우는 어떻게 되나요?

안녕하세요 ^^
현재 기준으로는 최대치 까지 보팅후
보팅 못한 금액을 환불하여 드리고 있습니다 :)

아 감사합니다. ^ ^

I tried it)) thank you

Thanks :)

I have you sbd send the please بھے up vote and relays stem you.

Hi kamrankami.
steemlike min amount is 0.1 SBD or more..
so,, your request was refunded..
have a nice day :)

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I have transferred 2 SBD to you with a wrong memo. Kindly refund the same.

Hi, onlineprds.
your request was refunded.
Thanks :)

Thank you very much