steemlike is stable

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hello, steemlike users.
steemlike have been stabilized after HF20

Increase your posting value.

Thanks to steemlike users.


  • steemlike is a voting service.
  • steemlike voting system has some time delay.
    You can show the pending list on a web page.
  • voted from @steemfunding, @koinbot, @steemlike, @steemst, @steemlite
  • When voting is completed, don’t leave a comment.
  • Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

History & Status

You can show the pending list and completed list.

Now Steem Like

  • Please refer to profile for maximum amount and rates.
  • ex. 2 SBD * 155% = $3.1

How to using

  • Transfer SBD(or STEEM) to @steemlike and put posting URL in memo.
  • post only. not support comment.


  • If transfer amount more than maximum SBD.
  • If we cant not found the post with the contents of memo.
  • If the content of the post is spam, nsfw, unuseful or bad.
  • unknown error,..

steemlike funder

Thanks :)


What is the maximum amount we can invest?

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Hello streemlike,
I had send to you 2 steem and I get only 2.48. While according to your rule 155% (2 stream/sbd= 3.1) were to get me. But I get only 2.48 sbd. What is the reason? Please clarify me. My posting url is as under..

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I think steem has low price that's why you got that much Upvote ..

Not too low sir. I think they are like thief.

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Contact them .!..
You are in Upvote market And you have plenty of options - @minnowbooster , @smartsteem , #steembottracker ..

Hi dhano.
nowadays steem price is about 0.8SBD
so, the rate is 2STEEM * ~0.8 * 1.55

Fixed 155%?

It depends on steem price.
If the rate changed, I will notify

Still better than minnow booster

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oh, sorry, I didn't put the link(?) with the transaction, is refund available?

hi minloulou
the request was refunded
thanks :)

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