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Use your youth to love someone?
Life is much longer than youth. Youth, whether you make mistakes or do the right thing. These are the things you will experience to make life more meaningful.
You can love someone who makes you cry more than laugh.

But life is another matter.
You need someone who accepts and is willing to tolerate you to the end.
Love that is invariable, we can blame each other what?
Some only take a few months to a year for a lesson, but there are also people who take years to learn a lesson. ...


As everyday...

Wake up when the sun was over the head for so long, I found my heart suddenly strange restless.

I thought I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of noodles. All I have is a box of noodles left over last week, some three sausages and some vegetables stored in the closet. It does not need much, just go hungry, that's okay. ...

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