Win a Steem Monster Booster Pack!

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Win a Steem Monsters Beta Booster Pack

Do you need more monsters? Give me a shout in the comments telling me what you think of Steem Monsters and I'll pick one to win a free Beta Booster pack.

To win, you must resteem this post so we can get as many answers as possible.

Good luck!


Hey @themarkymark!
10+ years of playing MTG the Gathering at pro level here.
Ideas after playing the game from season 1 and reaching champion II, currently stucked at 2800 cause matchpairing.

Some considerations about the game:

  1. The idea is beautiful. Owning cards through the blockchain mechanism makes everything smooth and a further security measure as a proof of ownership of digital goods.
  2. Servers are stable, the community is amazing. The Discord chat is really active and contests are everywhere. There is a continuous wave of hype rising!
  3. The game is a non-game at this stage. There is non interaction, which is a big concern to a "player". I love the idea of conflicts every 48 hours, which lead to a wide range of variety both in terms of strategies and team compositions.
  4. The match pairing system is extremely questionable. See this screen that needs no further comment:Schermata 2018-11-08 alle 09.31.26.png
  5. Playing at the highest level is impossible or close to impossible for non whales or non early bidders. I am really invested into the game yet I should really need maxed out cards to make strategies and compositions prevale over money, which is a TERRIBLE feeling.

All-in-all, I really like the idea and the concept and I do hope that suggestions are heard. The path is good, the roadmap is long and harsh.
Maybe this comment will be useful to @yabapmatt as well.

I'm looking for some maxed out team to be borrowed to play at the highest level, will share back packs in return
The feeling of beating really high elo players which spent thousands of dollars in the game is great btw! ✌️

Bought the first Alpha cards back in June I think...but actually started playing only a week ago...Don't know, had this idea that it was complicated, and very time consuming...It wasn't😉 Now I'm addicted😁😁 Was right about the time though👍

Can I still win while on your hit list?

I have never found myself playing this type of game. Then the other night, I couldn't stop playing Steem Monsters and I am hooked! I got a lot to learn and I am hungry for more! Thanks for hosting this contest!

Steemmonster is really great, so simply give me one pack.

Steem Monsters is the future of gaming!

SteemMonsters is awesome. A great way to engage here on Steemit.

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You could have asked this question with

I need more Monsters... Resteemed for more.

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Steem Monsters looks really cool but I didn't see a big "start here" beginner tutorial, so I still need to go find one. It's not intuitive for people who have never played card games online before. I only have one booster pack so far though, and I'm guessing it's like MTG and I'll need lots more to actually play!

There are a lot of good tutorials, but it does take a bit of searching. One that I thought was especially well done, if you prefer video, is:

Personally, its not my thing but its brilliant for the blockchain and for the huge numbers of people that love playing. That's why I will do what I did last time I won a pack. Open it, and give one card to each player who comments on my post. Spread the joy :-)

Steemmonsters is addictive! beware.. you'll find it as a great way to grow on steemit and Blockchain too!

I think it was excellent idea to create this game. It can be one of points which can help to increase value of Steem. I think all Steemians who involved in game should tell about it to all their friends and relatives to make it more popular.

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I think SteemMonsters is simply delicious.

Steemmonsters is the best game in the world! That's why I know I won the reinforcements I need.

I got a Steem Monster, but thought he was uglier than I had hoped. My husband, meanwhile, got a cute one. But, I guess I should ask myself what I was really expecting... it's a "monster" after all ;)

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It is the game that will make steemit a power.

What I think of Steemmonster? I wrote in this post

Thanks for the initiative..!

"Hala" Steemmonsters XD

I really need many letters, I'm just starting and I seem crazy addicted because I want more and more and more, but my steem is not enough for everything I want hahaha I hope I can win a few leagues, I know it's difficult with what little I have but I know that with perseverance I will achieve it. My kitchen misses me for playing

It was impressive the evolution that the game has had since the beginning of its presales , from the first letters until now that games and daily events have already started, Although I still do not have my first start pack, I hope get it soon and be in the "fever" of the SM.

I dont need a prize to tell you that steemmonsters is one of the best things that have happened to me on steem, even my last post is about my steemmonsters , i love the team, i love the idea, i love the game because I won my last game,lol, its in my last post as well.

For the first time in my life, im proud to be a monster

Good day! Maybe I won't be very original but I think it's excellent game! I think we should do all what e can to make it more popular! And I think there is the future of games like Steem monsters!

Steem monster es un juego que ha sido de mi disfrute desde el primer momento, y que ahora veo con muchas posibilidades. A futuro espero poder colaborar en el proyecto más allá de lo económico, y que en algún momento, uno de mis cuentos forme parte del canon de su mundo; podrá parecer un sueño pequeño, pero es algo que deseo con mucho esmero.

Cuídate; que te vaya bien. Gracias por hacer concursos como este, que me motivan a continuar y trabajar más con este juego, aunque a veces el momento o la inspiración no parezcan propicios para esto.

Hasta la próxima, y ojalá recibas mucho apoyo con esta iniciativa.

Let the epic battles continue! ha ha ha, since I started the game I could not separate, there is not a day I stop playing.

I am under the impression that it is not a 'game', but instead an automated which card you picked simulator. It has got nice art though!