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That's what I love the most about blockchains!

Not everyone in the mainstream world is using cryptocurrencies yet but most of them will be soon! Unless something catastrophic happens like we blow ourselves up with nuclear weapons, or aliens come and take all of our fancy electricity away, cryptocurrency isn't going anywhere! So you might as well start collecting as much as you can now!

I know many of you (myself included at times) can't really afford to risk hard earned money investing in some who knows what if you're not overly familiar with what you're doing.

Thankfully, nowadays there are more and more ways to earn free crypto! Just by signing up and doing a few minor tasks each day you can slowly but surely start racking up a savings fund!

Since I started off about a year ago just getting into cryptocurrency I've consistently been looking for as many ways as I could to capitalize on my time investments.

I spent a few months just hanging out in the Steem Monsters Discord helping out whenever I could, making sure everyone who joined knew what was going on and how to succeed as a part of the community.

Luckily, I already happened to be working on another project for one of the developers at the time and since he knew me and I was apparently doing a pretty good job with that and also volunteering my time in Discord, @yabapmatt, someone whom I definitely consider to be an honorable friend, invited me to join the team. To which I likely replied with a HELL YEAH I WANNA JOIN and of course I instantly found myself working as a Steem Monsters Team Member.

This has been a major event in my life as it has sparked so many new friendships, business relationships and much more! Aside from that, I've been paid weekly for my efforts as well!


I've been working for Steem Monsters for a few months now, so I haven't looked too hard for other ways to make money because I wanted to prioritize my time and stay dedicated to this one major project. However, I recently stumbled across something the other day which I at first all but completely ignored because I didn't understand it, until I looked in my STEEM wallet and saw that I had been being paid for the last 5 days with literally zero effort or investment.

Sure, it wasn't much, at all, but it was free money so I wasn't complaining. And of course, the game then had my full attention. Drug Wars didn't really sound like it was going to be the next big thing or anything but I had played a simple windows game before called Dope Wars and I was really good at it, so I figured I'd give this one a shot.

I have to say, at first I was a little concerned this might be just another scheme as we all know there have been all too many of them in the cryptosphere. Thus far, I am impressed with what I have seen though. from the community to the website itself, it's all looking like something that has been well thought out and there seems to be plenty of development going on with consistent updates.

After the first day (yesterday) getting almost 8 STEEM back,(I will likely get a lot more back today) I am feeling a lot better about my impulse-investment I made once I realized how much I actually liked the game. You can play this game for free and make very little money and have it take a very long time, or you can invest and make more, faster. So, I invested probably a little much considering our current financial situation but at the same time this looks like it could be a good long-term solution to it.

There's a few updates coming where they will be re-implementing the battles, among a few other things. That's where things get interesting (or so I've been told). Apparently you can loot and steal from other people in the game too! So, you will want to make sure you take the necessary precautions and have plenty of backup!

There is so much more to the game I definitely can't tell you everything about it so you'll just have to try it for yourself!

If you haven't already,

Log in to Drug Wars and start making some DRUGS!
Sign up at NoLimitCoinPoker and get 20 free NLC2!
Join Steem Monsters and get your starter pack today!

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If you resteem this post I will send you 10 SMPT (Steem Monsters Poker Tokens) that you can use to join in on my Texas Hold'em games to win even more Steem Monsters!


Very kewlz and I am equally stoked and supportive of the blockchain space! dig the good vibes!!
Good find and keep us updated on the progression of the game. will try to find time to play, but my workload is a lil extreme right now and expected to get heavier (but in a very good way)

Keep up the good work bro! NLCP needs ya!


I signed up the other day and never did a thing, just looked around and during the next daily payout I earned 0.01 Steem. Which again peaked my interest to visit the site and then I peaked around for another 5 minutes or so, clicked a few buttons and somehow the next payment I got was 0.018.

The game has caught my attention. I haven't invested anything yet but likely will do so.

I am having a hard time not investing more.


Personally, I have invested 0 in the Steemit, and its a good feeling. Starting from nothing! No harm in starting from the bottom..

its a fun game I only wish they have battles up and running

Hopefully soon! I wanna try them out! I missed that part.

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You earn less and less everyday. This isnt free money. Someone is paying for the payouts. Drugwars isnt like Steem monsters. Dont get fooled and think you can earn money with it. If you look at it as an investment it is set up as a ponzi scheme.
Put in money because you enjoy the game, but dont expect to earn crypto from it.

I hear you but, I have already seen how you can earn from this game by literally investing 0$ Invest at your own risk though as it is in Alpha stages and who knows if it will last. From what I can tell though, for a freebie game it's worth having a few accounts to farm some steem :D

Though I just keep reinvesting it all anyways.

Those that invest the most lose the most since you can start production with 0 steem invested.
Those that pay most earn the least in the end since the rewards are split with the free accounts.
Once folks realize what is happening this will be a total trainwreck.

I understand how it looks that way and I agree to an extent that it is certainly the case but it is also a little deeper than that too, if you are heavily invested, like broncnutz and ngc etc etc you will be able to upgrade faster than anyone else allowing you to take most of the pool from the heist so it seems to balance out in my opinion.

I had your same opinion at first but I have since started to think of it a little differently after having played it a lot. (though it is definitely a good idea if you have extra accoutns to sign them up too and just collect what you can for free with no investment)

Upgrade faster? Payed upgrades are instant.
The more you pay to build, the more of your money goes to other players.
Thats a simple fact. If @ngc wants to give away his money to others, thats great, he is free to do so, i just think he and everyone else should understand what they are doing. Most folks dont understand whats happening and just think they are getting a nice ROI.

The players always, 100% of the time lose money since 10% goes to the dev.
If you had a 100 steem and kept on buying upgrades, over time you would be left with 0 steem..

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You upgrade with the resources you get in the game from either letting them build up for free or paying for them, not just by using paid upgrades. The reason you upgrade is to create resources faster, so if you invest a little in the beginning you will be ahead of the pack and be able to use your resources to upgrade higher and faster than everyone else, thus giving you the highest percentage of the rewards.

So, if you are manufacturing 400k of each item per day you will be able to upgrade 2x as fast as someone who produces only 200k, so by the time they are producing 400k you will be making 800k and so-on, this also depends a lot on your ability to make the right decisions, like upgrading the right things first. Or whether or not to use your resources on the heist. Which in my opinion is a bad idea until you are upgraded very high.

Since many people will be using their resources on the heist it is certain that if you refrain from doing it yourself that you will be able to produce much more in the long run and get a much higher take from it.

Hehe. You just explained a ponzi. Look. The only thing that matter is people paying money for upgrades. If no one pays money no one gets money.
You could have the higgest production in game. It doesnt matter. Go check if you returned what you invested. I know i havent because the reward pool split gets smaller and smaller trying to get you to invest more and more.

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