Steem Monsters Poker - Friday night fight! 6PM EST

Anyone who resteems and/or leaves a meaningful comment will receive at least 10 SMPT and free entry into tonight's game! (Better comments = a chance of more free tokens)

In order for me to be able to host this tournament (and all that will follow) I need as many people as possible to resteem and upvote this post, that will help me to fund bigger prizes for everyone to enjoy!


Since there weren't enough entries yesterday, I'll be doing the same prizes, with a little extra spice!

First place will be receiving this sporty new Cyclops! +50 SMPT + 5 STEEM

Second place will get this particularly Peaceful GIANT! +25 SMPT! + 3 STEEM

Third place slowly but surely Creeping in to the leaderboard will receive this Oozing green puddle of danger! +10 SMPT! + 1 STEEM

Fourth and fifth place will each receive 15 SMPT + a random Steem Monster!

You will need an account on NoLimitCoinPoker

And a Steem Monsters Account

The entry fee for this match is 5 SMPT (if you don't have free entry)

Please send your entry fee to (@crystalhuman) using your Keychain extension, if you have them, you will be able to find SMPT listed in your tokens.

Alternatively, go to and send SMTP to @crystalhuman from your wallet there.

Click on SMTP then click SEND

Then enter the information, like this.

That's it! You'll be receiving the password VIA discord DM once this step has been completed, so please check your messages.

If you do not already have SMPT to enter the tournament then all you have to do is complete one or more of the tasks I mentioned earlier and you will be rewarded immediately (usually) for your services :)

Sign up at NoLimitCoinPoker and get 20 free NLC2!
Join Steem Monsters and get your starter pack today!

This match will start today @ 6PM Eastern Standard Time, please check Discord for updates!

Follow me!

Your favorite human.


I might be able to make this one.

To be on the safe side I will wait until about an hour before the game starts to send my entry fee in.

I will refund you if you can't make it, no worries :) Go ahead and send it in.

Yoo what's up champ! Long time no see dude, I've been out of the matrix quite recently; Venezuela, you know... Good to know you're promoting @steemmonsters like a boss and of course I want to get in in tonight's tourney, need to catch up about the monsters tokens and stuff. Peace dude!

w00t! good to see ya! I sent you 10 already for the resteem but will send a few more now :) Hope to see ya at the table tonight :)

For sure mate! See ya.

Sabes que estaba esperando esto jaja. ¡Ya vamos a por ello!

great friend, I am happy with those poker tournaments, although I have played few, I hope to be at the tables tonight.

Likewise, hope to see ya there :)

I love this! I can't play tonight, but I will get in on one soon. Thanks.

Hey well this contest is cool , giving away much , wanna won this cool tournament . Well the season starts good and trying to make it more good by helping more people in general chat and buying and selling more steemmonsters.
Will send entry fees as I got sign-in to my steem engine account.
A few words for steemmonsters:-

Winner winner monsters will have a good dinner.

I don't know if I'll be able to make it or not, but I'll help spread the word.

Thanks Clay!

This is very good info for me. I like poker and sametimes I will play tournament. I remember my first win SPL tournament. I won😀

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Unfortunately US users are not allowed to play on NLP, good luck to everyone!

You can play, you just can't make any deposits of NLC2 into your account.

But if you need chips I know of a way to get them to you as well :)

I'll try to make this one but man that is really early. I wish it was like 9 EST.


Sorry about that, I will be randomly assigning different times in order to give everyone a chance. Hopefully you can make it :) Thanks for the resteem 😁

Poker time

I found out late of the tournament, I'll have to play next time!!

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