Steem is on the decline and there is whiff of panic in the air.... Here are some ways that I am using to make $$$$ even in this rough environment.

  • First if you are not PLAYING SPLINTERLANDS you should consider it. Moving some of my Steem stake into Splinterlands (aka Steem Monsters) was the best decision I have made in crypto so far.

  • If you are short on funds Herons is a service that matches players to playable Splinterland accounts where the owners and players split the earnings. I have just started making accounts for others to play using this service. It looks like players playing my decks should make 10,000 DEC to 20,000 DEC per week playing them, not bad says I :) That is already a pretty nice haul. DEC value has been going up so right now that's roughly $10 USD - $20 USD per week my guess it will be worth even more fiat in the future.

If you are a long time follower of mine, have a lot of splinterlands experience and what to play a diamond + account and split the rewards let me know.

Best Regards,


Wow, i didn't even kknow about Herons.

I am struggling to move up, stuck on Bronze :(

Interested in playing with a diamond deck!

Can you commit to doing the daily quests and some tournaments?

Have you checked in on herons discord yet?

I'm game, what do I do to play your decks?

Here is a link to Herons. Check in on there discord.
Get some experience playing silver level decks then let me know when you are ready.
Also, Can you commit to doing the daily quests and some tournaments?

What would that entail? Do you have to travel anywhere?

The tournaments are on the web site, no travel required.